Workover Office

Workover Office includes over 2000 Hi-Res completion graphics both vertical and rotatable directional equipment for a professional completion schematic

Easy to use professional looking completions reports with over 2000 completion tools and graphics

 Workover Office. Includes Over 2000 Hi-Resolution Tools and Graphics to use in your well bore schematic

Workover Office will allow you to produce a very professional well bore completion schematic with very little effort.Office Professional edition has an extensive library of over 1000 hi-resolution Workover and completion tools. The tool library consists of hi-resolution graphics include which can be dropped  into your final well sketch or well bore schematic giving you a professional completion sketch.

  • Retrievable packers
  • Permanent packers
  • Seal bore assemblies
  • Well Screens
  • wire line tools
  • coiled tubing tools
  • gravel packing
  • flow control tools
  • cavity pumps
  • casing,
  • Liners
  • tubing
  • Drill Pipe
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Perforating equipment
  • Surface Equipment</li&gt;
  • Cementing Equipment

This is the first and most comprehensive Workover office program in the oil patch. With this amount of graphics included in one program you will be able to build professional and hi-impact well completion graphics,

The Workover Office program reports include;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p>

  • Workover Rig Daily Report
  • Operators Daily Log Report
  • Vertical Well bore schematic
  • Horizontal Well bore schematic

The call up apps which are included in the program are;

  • Balanced Cement Plugs
  • Flange Reference
  • Frac Manifold Graphic
  • Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing
  • Tubing Tally
  • Packer Calculations
  • Xtree Graphic

There are 17 pre-set conventional vertical and horizontal well completions to choose from.All you need to do is to identify your general well sketch and click on the button below the graphic. these include all the volumes and displacements including pump outputs and fluid displacement for spotting and acidizing,

You can also download these smaller separate programs