Well Plan

Well Plan is similar to the older version of Well Plan except it now includes Primary Planed trajectory plus up to 4 additional Side Tracks, in both programs you can compare the actual drilled trajectory against the planned trajectory

Each side Track can be individually selected as the primary trajectory to compare with the actual drilled trajectory, the selected side track for each plot is auto added to the Planned Survey so the survey data can be exported to use in Casing design. the drilling Engineer program includes both Well Plan and Casing design so swapping between the two programs is easily done by sliding the cursor across the task bar.

The latest version of Well Plan is based on the  minimum curvature method to design a precise and smooth well bore trajectory through multiple targets is quickly and easily accomplished using this program.

Well Plan utilizes The Minimum Curvature method is used to calculate 3-dimensional displacements of the well bore according to “end-point” inputs supplied by the user. Minimum Curvature is widely accepted by the oil industry to be the most accurate mathematical analysis for directional surveys as opposed to previous, less rigorous methods such as Least Squares, Tangential, Average Angle and Radius of Curvature.

Software that does not cost an arm and a leg but makes designing complex well trajectories a simple task. The latest version can be integrated with Tri-Axial casing design.

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Drilling Engineer incorporates both Well Plan and Casing Design into one easy to use package you can export any selected well trajectory and import the survey in to casing design in a couple of clicks

The planned design allows you to design a directional trajectory for any well profile includes the following well bore trajectories.;

Editing and Adding side tracks

Well PLan 4
  • Vertical,
  • Slant
  • Horizontal
  • S-Curve
  • Custom

The following data is calculated with a minimum of end point entries;

  • Target Data is included for up to four targets.
  • KOP & Build Rate (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOB depth
  • Tangent depth or Lateral Section length
  • Drop Section and Turn Rates  (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOD depth
  • Closure distance and azimuth
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Charts presentations;

Well Plan 4 includes the Drilled Trajectory The Planned Trajectory and up to 4 additional side Tracks.

Selecting a Side Tracks the selected Track becomes the primary trajectory to compare against the Actual Drilled Trajectory

  • Vertical section view with lateral displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Plan view (N/-S, E/-W) displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Dog Leg Severity (DLS) vs measured depth (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)

The program auto calculates the Planned trajectory and Drilled trajectories with visual targets and Dog Leg Severity (DLS)

Actual directional surveys can be input as the well is drilled.

Each trajectory is compared with the actual drilled trajectory.

You have the option of importing a planned and actual surveys (MD, Inclination, Azimuth),

Drilled or Custom trajectories can be exported for use in other programs.

This program will be integrated with the latest version of Casing Design.

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Well Plan can be integrated with Tri-axial casing design