Well Head Flanges for Xtree Design

Well Head Flanges for Xtree Design covers all API well head flanges, Although the program is basically for flanges used in  Xtree design the component sizes strengths and pressure rating references included in the program can be applied to any design where piping, flanges, valves and ratings are concerned. The Electronic Flange Slide Rule replaces the old Cameron cardboard slide rule and gives you all the data that  relates to well head flanges, drilling spools, braden head, flange sizes, pressure ratings, number of bolts and bolt hole circle diameter plus the make up torque for the various bolts sizes.

Now with a simple button click. Well Head Flanges for Xtree Design gives you double the information which includes, ring sizes ratings clamps, plus a look up feature which allows you to look up any ring gasket to find the related flange pressure rating and size. Well Head Flanges for Xtree Design gives you information on which ring gasket fits which flange and both standard (R RX  and BX)  pressure rated ring gaskets) With the Well Head Flanges  (Electronic Flange Slide Rule) give you all this information on the selected flange. The program works with Excel 2010 upwards for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel,

  • Flange size
  • Flange pressure rating
  • Drilling spools
  • Casing spools
  • Tubing hangers
  • Hubs
  • Ring Gaskets
  • Wrench size
  • Make up Torque.
  •  US API or Metric output in millimetres can be selected
  • Printable out put

Check out the.  Quick view video The program is included with Workover Office