Well Control

Well Control has been completely updated

and is now free with a purchased copy of DrillPro


On Shore, Shallow Water Offshore,

Deep Water Offshore.

With both API and Metric multiple units

With up conductor, Surface, Intermediate and up to 3 liners plus production casing

Using up to 4 sections of Drill Pipe, Three sections of HW Drill Pipe and three section of Drill Collars

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Well Control, covers all the standard industry well control methods.  Drillers method, Wait and weight, Stripping in, Concurrent method,  Volumetric method

New Version

  • Multiple Units can be selected as API or Metric
  • Diameter
  • Lengths
  • Mud weight
  • Pipe weight Annular volume
  • Capacities
  • The program recognises different string sections and the depth of influx to string section
  • Height of influx
  • Type of influx
  • Maximum allowable height  of influx
  • Choke line friction pressure
  • Pressure losses

Well Control will be free  included with DrillPro

  • On Shore
  • Shallow Water Offshore
  • Deep Water Offshore
  • Directional Well Profile
  • Vertical Well Profile
  • Leak off/PIT/FIT chart
  • Option to change kill Pump
  • 4 Different Slow Circulation Rates
  • Kill Line Friction Pressure Loss for Deep Water BOP stack
  • Choke Line Friction Pressure Loss for Deep Water BOP stack
  • Riser Disconnect for Deep Water
  • Kill Line Friction Pressure Loss for Surface BOP stack
  • Choke Line Friction Pressure Loss for Surface BOP stack
  • Drill String Configuration for Vertical Wells
  • Drill String Configuration for Horizontal Wells
  • Accumulator bottle volumes
  • BOP Closing times
  • Kill Methods for
  • Concurrent
  • Volumetric
  • Stripping
  • Drillers Method
  • Wait and Weight

Well Control 32 Bit includes Accumulator volumes and closing times
Built in Leak off test, selectable as PIT or FIT, Maximum allowable influx height, Trip Tank Monitor, Kick Tolerance, Pore pressure, Pressure changes
API and Metric units. There is a lot more the program needs to be downloaded and tried out to appreciate the full extent that the program covers.

Check which version   of Excel you have