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User Manuals, FAQs & Videos

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This video will show you how to install the activation key file for your program

Casing Design Help Casing Design User Manual –  Casing design training video – How to import survey data


Mud Engineering Help Mud Engineer user manualConverting the Mud Report to a PDF File Using the Mud Materials Inventory Using the inventory
For the office and final well reports you will want to build a PDF summary for end of well analysis Convert the emailed report to PDF

How to use the Mud Inventory

Mud Inventory how to use it

Rig Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling. Workover Rigs (video version)
Rig Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling For Drilling Rigs (video version)

Download the Ton Miles video for Onshore, Offshore operations Download a free trial
Ton Miles User Manual Click here to download
New Ton Miles Training Video

Building a professional completion Report
Click here to view the how to video
Exporting and emailing your final well sketch with Windows 8
You can use Outlook or your Hotmail account
Click here to view the how to video

How do I make a purchase from the store Click here
Make this web site a trusted website in Internet Browser
How do I get the key file for my purchased program PDF file

To help with downloading and running the trial and full versions you need to get the latest Service Packs from Microsoft
These Service packs will to help keep your computers running properly

Program won’t start, crashes, won’t close.

Cean your registry, saving, moving and deleting files plus Windows updates leaves junk code in the registry this obsolete bits of code will slow your computer down and cause it to crash. Each Windows upgrade lease 300+ bits of junk code

Click on these links to update your computers with the latest service packs

Service Pack for Windows
Service Packs for MS Office

Clean your PC registry
Your registry can end up with obsolete references we clean our PCs on a weekly basis to keep the programs running without errors

Get what your PC needs to run at its best. Run the free version of Powersuite 2013.

Get Remote Support
If you are having problems with a program get remote help from support.  

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