Tubular Database

Tubular Database lists all the, Drift sizes,Displacements and volumes, plus Tensile, Burst, and Collapse data for over 4000 different joints of pipe.

Tubular Database also includes a Casing Pressure Test complete with visual chart to give a quick visual indication of any casing leaks

Tubiing Database

Complete specifications included in the Tubular Database

  • Outside Diameter
  • Inside Diameter
  • Nominal weight
  • Grade
  • Joint Connection
  • Collapse strength
  • Burst strength
  • Joint strength
  • Body yield strength
  • Wall thickness
  • Drift diameter
  • Box wall thickness
  • Mud weight
  • Bouyed Weight
  • Weight in Air
  • API or Metric Units
  • Capacity
  • Bbls M³

  • The trial version of Tubular Database will run for 14 days. To purchase the full version click here

A Casing Pressure Test section is included in this version od Tubular Database

Typical selection of Tubing Data to review with option to select pipe data from over 4100 different specifications

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Check out Pipe Tally (includes both tubing and Casing tally’s)

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Check out Casing Tally

Tubing Movement and Stress caculations