Tubular Database

Tubular Database 32 Bit, includes a database of 4138 different  joints of Casing and Tubing. Plus the option to add in new tubular specifications to the database. A simple to use drop down selections for just about every type of casing and tubing. The database includes pipe sizes from 48″ to 1.05″. Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding weight in air,weight on hook,  the results indicate the weak point whether body or joint, annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft and a casing pressure test chart.

Drift sizes,displacements and volumes tensile, burst, and collapse data

The Tubular Database 32 Bit program also includes a casing pressure test complete with visual chart to give a quick visual indication of any casing leaks

Complete specifications include

  • Outside Diameter
  • Inside Diameter
  • Nominal weight
  • Grade
  • End Connection
  • Collapse strength
  • Burst strength
  • Joint strength
  • Body yield strength
  • Wall thickness
  • Drift diameter
  • Box wall thickness

Inputs required for volumetric results

  • MD
  • TVD
  • Mud weight
  • Hole size
  • Bbls or Cu/Ft


The above inputs will result in the annular volumes and capacity as a guide  for cementing

Check which version  of Excel you need 32 BIt or 64 bit