Tubing Movement and Stress Calculations

The tubing movement calculations and stress program calculates all the API

Various pressures and forces applied to tubing once a well is completed can not only indicate a poor design but can cause expensive future problems. Pressure inside tubing can create ballooning slack off setting a packer or downward force can create buckling in high temperature wells tubing will expand and elongate due to increase in temperature as the tubing and usually packer is run into the well. All these changes in the tubing create stress. With Tbg movement software all these changes can be identified before the well is completed and remedies and recommendations can be made to a design to alleviate problems, A comprehensive analysis of loads and stresses on tubing is provided with this tubing movement software

Tbg Movement

Start by entering the report header details for Tubing Movement Calculations and Stress along with well geometry

Which should include company details, location, hole geometry, formation and perforation details.

This is then added to the details analysis of all the stresses applied to the tubing string

Tubing movement

The Tbg Movement and Stress Calculations throughout the length of tubing includes a printable report containing all well and location data along with casing and perforation depths

The top section

  • Surface
  • Intermediate
  • Production
  • Production  Liner
  • Tubing
  • Perforation depth
  • Formation data

The Bottom section is the calculated tubing movement based on inputs and units of measure

Calculations  Force calculations

Tubing movement

Calculations  Force calculations

  • Elongation and expansion due to temperature effect,
  • Stretch
  • Ballooning
  • Buckling
  • Piston effect
  • BHT chart

  • The program works with all versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365

The Packer Calculations program includes Tubing Movement and both programs are also included in Workover Office Workover Office Pro