Ton Miles Calculator

Ton Miles Calculator. The latest version of the Ton Miles Calculator now includes calculated ton miles for drag though horizontal wells also ton miles for short trips.

The program is designed with many safety factor options plus drilling line cost per foot analysis.

Includes; wiper trip, round trip, Cored, Drilled and calculations for horizontal and extended reach wells

Ton Miles Calculations

  • Round Trip Ton Miles
  • Half Trip on Mile
  • Short Wiper Trip
  • Drilled Ton Miles
  • Cored on Miles
  • Running Casing Ton Miles
  • Horizontal Round Trip Ton Miles
  • Horizontal Half Trip Ton Miles
  • Horizontal Drilled
  • Horizontal Cored
  • Running BOP Stack

Optional Units selection

  • Ton Miles
  • Ton Kilometers
  • daN Kilometers
  • Length depth Feet – Meters
  • Pipe Weight Lds/Ft – Kg/Mtr
  • Mud Weight ppg – SG – Kg/Mtr
  • Unit weight of Blocks / Top Drive  Lbs – 1000Lbs – Kg – Knewtons – Tonne – daN

Optional Ton Miles output

  • Actual mathematical ton Miles
  • Plus 10% of Actual Ton Miles
  • Plus 15% of Actual Ton Miles
  • Plus 20% of Actual Ton Miles

The optional additional percentage of the mathematical ton miles option is given as an added safety factor for varying drilling line wear or rough handling in adverse conditions.

This program gives you several results; ACTUAL Work done, +10%, +15%, +20%
ACTUAL TM/TMkm/daN km is based on the calculated travel / work done. This however is some what below the figure you will get from a wire line manufacturers ton mile slide rule. Which is  a manufacturers safety factor built in. The difference between the slide rules and the calculated results is between 10% & 15%.
The Ton Mile  figure in the +15% column is recommended. If you are drilling in rough formations without using a shock sub Use the Ton Mile figure in the +20% column.
If no wickers show up you could  try a lower percentage but the rule is watch the line.

If you just picked up a stacked rig and there is no ton mile cutoff record this will help to figure it out

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