Rod Pump Completions

The rod pump completions. The program has an extensive library of  Hi-resolution graphics, as in the other completion programs like Workover Office.

This version is specifically designed for Rod Pump Completions. You have all the volumetric and displacement calculations  plus a completion schematic template to build a professional well sketch. Which will show details of all the down hole equipment, depths ,perforations and formation data, along with detailed descriptions of all equipment..

The Rod Pump Completions t is included in Workover Office  or as a separate completion program. The program is  for rig supervisors that don’t need the full features in the Workover Office Professional version.

You still have all the volumetric well bore calculations for isolating casing leaks along with balanced  cement plugs, pipe in pipe out, calculations for plug backs and squeezes

Rod Pumps

The complete solution for Pump Jack completion graphics

Requires Windows and Excel

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