Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Preventative Maintenance Schedule is now included with  Rig Maintenance and allows you to set up a rig maintenance schedule for each piece of rig equipment. The PM Schedule is linked to a rig equipment list. The program allows you to set up a preventative maintenace schedule for the whole year, with visual indicators as to whether the maintenance checks were carried out or missed.

The program comprises of a  Rig Equipment List which  is linked to the Rig Maintenance program and can be edited to suite any rig.

This includes reference to all rig equipment, serial numbers, model numbers, asset numbers and unit numbers.  You have a complete reference to every piece of rig equipment. The Preventative Maintenance Schedule allows to to set up a complete maintenance schedule for each piece of rig equipment.  For,  daily,  weekly, monthly 3 Months and 6 month scheduled checks. Checkout the video from the link below to view all the functions of Preventative Maintenance Schedule. 

Once you have set up your PM Schedule, you can audit any particular month and make a quick check for the selected month, The program allows you to clear the completed maintenance items, This does not clear the planned yearly Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

The program is aligned to the Rig Maintenance Schedule program.  All the equipment listed in the PM  Schedule is related to the rig equipment check lists in the Rig Maintenance program.

We will customize your program complete with your company logo if required at no extra cost.

View the training video