Packer Calculations

Packer Calculations. The Packer Calculation program will help you avoid having a packer un setting during testing or squeezing operations. The program uses the option to select compression or tension packers along with different flow environments such as gas, oil salt water flow or mud in tubing and no flow,

All the pressures exerted against a packer from below and above due to flowing pressures, hydrostatic and mechanical pressures are calculated.

If one of the pressures is enough to unset the packer visual RED warnings will notify the user and advise what tensions need to be changed and improved. The program also includes tubing movement calculations, ballooning, buckling and elongation due to temperature effect. Plus an estimated field production rate calculator. Charting includes a bottom hole temperature chart. BHT chart.

The maximum swab depth is calculated and indicated visually for up-strain (tension) packers if enough fluid is swabbed from the tubing the reduction in hydrostatic pressure can cause the packer to unset.Packer Calculations 32 Bit will help you avoid all the un-setting problems with a visual indication and in the case of compression packers save against an expensive acid job being aborted in the middle of the operation.

Both Metric or API units can be selected by the user

Dual API-Metric-Canadian units.  Quick view video

Packer Calculations  is also included in Workover Office Pro

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