Mud Inventory

The Mud Inventory  program will keep track all the mud materials. The program is an ideal addition for tool pushers and mud engineers to keep an eye on all receipts and transfer of mud materials on and off the rig, All mud chemicals used during the drilling operation are stored in a background running database. Unlike the Mud Inventory in the Full Mud Engineer program this version does not build charts of all mud materials used or  daily costs. For this you need the full Mud engineering program.

The program saves all the data in a background running database. This is a spin off from the full Mud Engineer program as this is included in the Mud Engineer program you do not need this as a duplicate program.

The Mud Inventory program includes a complete database of mud materials

  • Daily Usage
  • Daily Mud Cost
  • Operational comments
  • Mud check recaps
  • mud usage recaps
  • Mud Received
  • Mud Transferred out
  • 24 hour chemical usage
  • Edit the Chemical names, Starting inventory Sacks or Bulk materials
  • Fast and Easy to use

Mud Inventory 32 Bit Quick Video

Check which version  of Excel you have installed