Mud Engineer

Mud Engineer. New Improved version.This software is an easy to use MS Excel based program for drilling fluids engineers and drilling fluids companies. Any mud engineering company will find this software perfect for future analysis due to the database storage of all aspects of the well bore during the drilling process.

This Mud Engineer software includes a background running database to keep track of all drilling fluids materials received, chemicals transferred , daily mud chemicals used , daily and total mud costs, running  inventory and mud chemicals recap, comments recap. Also includes recaps for mud checks and operational instructions to rig crews. It is completely menu and form driven program, fast and easy to use. The program includes all the mud losses transfer receipt and transportation cost. The mud chemicals inventory is built in and  covers everything from daily usage and costs and is updated automatically.A Mud Engineer can produce an API style report for OBM or WBM in a few minutes. automatically builds charts on chemical usage, changes in mud weight, depths and drilling days.

Chart data is built as you build your daily Mud Report these include chemicals used,daily mud materials cost, total chemical usage, volume accounting, drilling depth verses days, drilled depth verses mud cost, depth verses mud weight,

Recaps include, mixing instructions to the rig crew,daily mud used mud transfers, mud received,, dialy mud materials used, mud properties recap

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Mud inventory application