Mining and Mineral Exploration

Mineral mining

Mining and Mineral Exploration

Mine Intervention and rescue

Multiple side tracks

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Mining and Mineral Exploration covers exploratory mine drilling and formation analysis, the program is based on Slant Rigs investigating valuable formations searching for valued formations, the initial slant well profile is the main trajectory. The program takes into consideration the minimum curvature and calculates dog Leg Severity over the full well bore. In Addition up to 4 Side Tracks can be planned from the original Planned slant trajectory. The latest version now includes Fence TVD added to charts and the option to select Collar Gyro data or Mother Hole data for Rig Orientation

The program is designed for exploring planned geological targets and similar to HDD Trenchless technology

Target input
Targets with Fence TVD

MinEx versatile and easy to use allows up to 5 mining bore holes using DLS  °/30 Mtrs, °/100 Ft or user selectable, up to 5 different sections of bore hole target and plot renaming,

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Mining and Mineral Exploration is similar to Trenchless Technology, HDD Plan planning Software provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned Borehole is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual Boreholes. 

Charts of the Vertical Section view, Plan view and Dog Leg Severity (DLS) view are provided along with the Borehole parameters for each section such as section length, bend rate, turn rate, DLS, etc.  The Planned and Actual surveys and Charts can be printed as needed.

Analyising multiple planned plots to a single target