HDD Plan

The purpose of this program is to provide a user-friendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements of the HDD (Hydraulic Directional Drilling), industry to plan drilling trajectories starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple Tangent and Curve (Bend) sections. Applications for this program include civil engineering projects such as drilling under a river, road, airport runway, etc., to install utility shafts, drilling subway tunnels under cities, drilling hydro-electric water course tunnels, drilling mine shafts, etc. The program provides for five (5) contiguous Tangent and/or Bend, Turn sections which suffices for most applications. horizontal directional drilling calculation sheet

HDD Bore hole targets

HDD for horizontal bore holes is a comprehensive trenchless technology program developed for the Microsoft Excel platform. Plan your next project with ease, This is the most sophisticated yet easy to use bore planning software on the market. Plan your bore hole with up to 5 geological targets.

A typical mining plan with several deviations as shown graphically

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Mining chart sample

The HDD for horizontal bore holes program is developed to run on your present Office platform. Making planning your next bore hole easy. Plan your bore hole with up to 5 geological targets for River and Road Crossings, under Airport Runways Mining applications Hydro Water Courses (the program covers up hill or down hill water courses

With HDD Plan and Mine Exploration the system uses the Horizontal trajectory as 0° unlike the oilfield calculations which regard the Horizontal trajectory as 90°

Trenchless Technology HDD Plan planning Software provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned Borehole is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual Boreholes. 

Charts of the Vertical Section view, Plan view and Dog Leg Severity (DLS) view are provided along with the Borehole parameters for each section such as section length, bend rate, turn rate, DLS, etc.  The Planned and Actual surveys and Charts can be printed as needed.