Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing

Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing . Is an easy to use Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing program. Although this is not for designing valve ratings bubble points or pressures, the program will calculate the required position in the tubing string where the GLM should be placed. Based on an already input tubing tally the program works out the depth at the  bottom of the most matched tubing joint. This Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing program also has the option to use tubing measured and picked up or tubing stood back in the derrick.

The latest version now covers 20 GLMs and both API and Metric Units

Simply update the tubing tally and enter up to 10 different required depths for the gas lift mandrels,

Enter the required depths of each mandrel, the length of the mandrel and the depth of a packer if one is required in the tubing string..
The program works out which joint or stand of tubing to install the Gas Lift Mandrels on
The option of tubing racked back in the derrick or new tubing picked up from the pipe racks can be simply selected from a drop down box..
The program handles  up to 10 GLMs,  the program is included in the full version of Workover Office

Check which version  of  Excel you have installed