Free Point Calculator

The Free Point Calculator program determines the exact depth in the well bore where the drill string is stuck. The most common reason is usually due to differential pressure between a lower formation pressure and the well hydrostatic pressure at the sticking point having a greater force which in turn forces the drill string against the well bore. This is the most common reason for stuck pipe. There are many more reasons but well bore differential pressure is the most common, Other causes can be junk in the well bore dog legs collapsed formation, poor hole cleaning due to cutting settlement, overburden pressure the use of spiral drill collars helps to resolve the problem,

However if the drill string gets stuck you need an easy to use program to calculate the exact depth of the free point and the maximum over pull you can apply to the drill string.

The Free Point Calculator program is designed to work on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel

The Free Point Calculator calculates the free point for any depth from MD to  surface.. The program indicates the depth of the stuck drill string. Plus the maximum allowable over pull on the selected drill string size at the weakest point.

Ok it’s not something you need everyday on the rig, but when it happens you have a quick and easy program to calculate not only the exact free point but also the maximum allowable over pull and have all the information on hand before the high priced service company arrives to tell you where you are stuck

The  stuck pipe Calculator allows you calculate up to

  • 4 sections of Drill Pipe
  • 3 sections of Heavy Weight
  • 3 sections of Drill Collars
  • Maximum Over pull
  • Pipe Stretch,
  • User selectable units API or Metric

with a minimum amount of inputs you have the free point calculated The free point program can be added as a compliment to DrillPro

You can download a free trial version of DrillPro click here

More free trial version can be found here

Calculate the depth of the stuck pipe with the Stuck pipe Calculator

Max Overpull, 

Free Point Calculator