Tri-Axial Casing Design

Tri-Axial Casing Design covers, Vertical, Directional Tstress based on the worste case dog leg severity,  covering  On Shore, Off Shore, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Off Shore  wells . Feet or Meters, temp derating factors, cementing safety factors burst, collapse, tension SF • Working Stress Design (WSD), loads are evaluated throughout the entire length of casing from WH to shoe • True Vertical Depths are now fully linked to Vertical or Directional Well Geometry • Accurate TVD’s for accurate Burst, Collapse and Tensile load calculations • Program Details (Streaming Video)

  • De-Rated Burst and Collapse due to temperature affect vs.  Burst and Collapse loads (psi) at the top and bottom of up to 4 different rated casing sections, or combination cemented in place casing plus up to 3 liners
  • For example:
  • in place casing plus Liner1 with three different sections (spec)
  • In place casing plus Liner 1 two different sections (spec) plus Liner2
  • In place casing Liner1, Liner2, Liner3
  • In place casing Liner1, Liner2 plus two different sections (spec)
  • Completely adaptable to any combination of casing and liners
  • De-Rated Tensile Strength vs. Tensile Loads (lbs.) at the top and bottom of up to 4 different rated casing sections
  • Yield Strength De-Rating Factors vs. Temperature in °F & °C
  • Vertical Section View chart
  • Plan View chart
  • Dog Leg Severity (100’ or 30 Mtrs) chart
  • Export and Email reports

The program covers  On Shore, Shallow Water Offshore and Deep Water Offshore calculations

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