DrillPro the complete drilling software program

DrillPro complete drilling software. this is the popular Drilling Hydrualics program which includes a complete hydraulics and daily reporting system. The program includes everything you would expect from a decent drilling program including directional drilling and well control, along with all the volumetric and displacement calculations. DrillPro the complete drilling software program includes the following

  • Drilling software
  • Daily Drilling Report
  • Nozzle Selection.
  • System Pressure Loss.
  • Swab Surge Pressures
  • Drill String select Drill Pipe, Heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars.
  • Maximum Surge and speed for running casing
  • Directional drilling and charting
  • Plan View
  • Offset view
  • Vertical well
  • Slant Wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Well Control,
  • Kill sheet, Kill mud and kill graph.
  • Capacities,
  • Displacements.
  • Annular Velocities.
  • Flow characteristics (Turbulent-Laminar)
  • Critical flow rates.
  • Bit Record Database
  • Calculates for up to 4 Mud pumps
  • Up to 12 jets for PDC bits.
  • Results for Casing or Casing & liners.
  • Hydraulics report,
  • Daily Drilling report
  • Morning Report Printout Land and Offshore format Printout
  •  Maximum Allowable Casing Running Speed
  • Select API/Metric/Canadian Units
  • Built in casing tally.
  • Daily costs, Mud Chemicals inventory.
  • User can decide on multiple input output units.

A complete Drilling software menu driven reporting program with back ground databas for bit records, integrated into a  morning drilling report. All the following additional programs can be added in and accessed from within DrillPro, so you don’t need to hop in out out to access another program. The available add in programs to complete the DrillPro complete drilling software program are  as listed below all these program can compalment DrillPro

The program runs in all versions of Excel from 2010 upwards to the latest version