Rig Maintenance

Rig Maintenance and  Preventative Maintenance Scheduling  for Drilling & Workover rigs. covers Monthly Weekly and Daily check lists, your crew will never miss an equipment check. Completely editable to suit any type of rig equipment.

Over the years it has become obvious that operators in the drilling industry not only demand value for money from the contractors, but require proof of continuous good rig maintenance with minimum downtime due to mechanical or electrical failures.

The  program consists of over 200 different electrical and mechanical maintenance check lists from the crown to the ground. Including Lubrication schedules, heavy equipment, fork lifts, bulldozers, cranes, plus skidding gear, BOP handling equipment, etc. These check lists are completely editable.  This  preventative maintenance system indicates that any repairs needed are automatically logged in the Maintenance Record, if the jobs are not completed the item is copied to the Over Due Database for reference. Once the repairs are completed the item and details are moved  to the Maintenance Database to keep a full history of all  repairs carried out. The program monitors daily and monthly total running hours.

Your clients will need to  know from your records that you are using an efficient  program and this Rig Maintenance program covers it all.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling Windows 10 MP4 Video  .  Windows 7 WMV video

A complete system of check lists covering all aspects of maintenance for both Drilling and Workover rigs from the crown to the ground and for land rig operations, includes heavy equipment, bulldozers, cranes tool pusher and crew vehicles. A complete maintenance system  for mechanical and electrical equipment.  Daily running and monthly running hours on all equipment overdue maintenance hours auto flagged as a visual guide to Over Due Maintenance.  The equipment listed in the program can be edited to suite your particular needs so you can build a complete maintenance schedule for your rig and equipment. all databases can be emailed to the head office along with all the daily weekly and monthly check lists.

We customize the program with your company logo before shipping at no extra cost.

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Rig maintenance

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