Tubing Tally MS Office 32 Bit

Tubing Tally, Pipe Tally

Not just a simple tally spreadsheet this Tubing Tally for Windows 7 and Office 2007  is complete with BHA add in for tubing Workovers, Hi-Resolution final well reports and well drawing for both vertical and horizontal completions with a vertical and horizontal tool library.

You wont find a Tubing Tally Sheet with,  well bore graphic and completion tools.

Tbg Size, ID, Ppf, Connection, Grade, Drift size is auto filled in for you from the database.

You have the option of including the KB correction for accurate packer placement and leak isolation.

As you enter the tubing lengths they are auto filled in along with the BHA depths in standard oilfield tally sheets, Print Export, Email the tally sheets

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