Tubing Tally

Tubing Tally, is not just another simple Tbg Tally spreadsheet this Tubing Tally is complete with BHA add in, KB Correction, the program will allow you to not only produce the standard type of oil field tally sheets which are automatically completed for you as you enter your pipe tally. But also includes a well bore completion schematic to produce professional well completion sketches, The library of completion tools consists of down hole tool icons for vertical wells and horizontal wells.

Tubing Tally also includes a Hi-Resolution final well report for both vertical and horizontal completions with a vertical and horizontal tool library. The program comes complete with a well bore diagram template for both vertical wells and horizontal wells. the library of hi-resolution graphics which will allow you to produce professional hi impact well bore schematics

Tubing Tally 32 Bit. Optional selection

  • Tbg Size, ID, ppf,
  • Drift sizes are auto updated
  •  Connection type,
  • Grade,
  • Mud Weight
  • Weight in Air
  • Buoyed Weight
  • Drift size is auto filled in for you from the database.
  • Displacement
  • Volume
  • Depth plus BHA
  • Reverse Tally
  • Vertical Well Bore Graphic and Components
  • Horizontal Well Bore Graphic and Components
  • You can build a professional Well Bore Schematic with the available tools

You have the option of including the KB correction for accurate packer placement and leak isolation. As you enter the tubing lengths the capacities weight in air, buoyed weight plus corrected depths if a BHA is included are all automatically updated for you.

All the data you enter is linked to standard oil field tally sheets which can be printed or emailed

If you have laid down the tubing string the program includes a reverse tally section as there can be a considerable difference between picking up or running in and out of the derrick

The program includes a reverse tally if you laid down tubing there is a considerable difference in running tubing from the derrick or picking up tubing from the ppe racks

Pipe tally includes both casing tally and tubing tally, but separate versions are available