Ton Miles Calculator 64 Bit version

Ton Miles Calculations 64 Bit version
The Drilling Ton Miles Calculator. This is now available in a dual API and Metric unit version Drilling line cost analysis per ton mile. Total line cost.
The ton miles program includes a planed cutoff practice for rigs with no known cutoff history.
This program is in use with several international onshore and offshore operators, check our clients list.
The new dual units ton Miles  program covers everything from;
  • Feet – Metres
  • ppf – Kg/m
  • Lbs – 1000lbs – Kg – Knewtons – Tonne – daN
  • ppg – s.g. – Kg/M³
  • Ton Miles
  • Ton Kilometres
  • daN Kilometres
Ton Miles Running Report
  • Drilling Line Cost per foot/metre analysis
  • Running Cost per Work Done (as in output above)
  • Accumulative Work Done (as in output above)
  • Accumulative cut off
  • Round Trip Half Trip
  • Drilled
  • Cored
  • Running Casing
  • Wiper Trip
  • Horizontal Round Trip
  • Horizontal Half Trip
  • Horizontal Drilled
  • Running BOPs on Marine Riser
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