Replacement Program Key Files

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Replacement program key files are required to re-activate your software if you experience a crash or reinstall the operating system. these are also related to the annual license fee for the various programs. If a program is out of date and no longer supported a new version can be downloaded which will require a new license file.

Changing or updating your operating system or upgrading to newer versions of windows will usually require a new license file to reactivate the software. On this page you can purchase Additional Program Key Files to re-activate  the programs you own.

To re-active  copies of the registered programs  purchase the Replacement Program Key Files  that apply to your program . Licenses are now renewable on an annual basis this entitles you to free upgrades and additional add ins if applicable.

Select the program license from the list then select the number of licenses you require.

Programs are not transferable without a new key file. If major updates are available the purchased license key will give you the option to download the latest program program version, if and when they become available.

If you require additional copies of your registered program let us know and we will send you a coupon code to purchase additional copies at a 50% discount, Please note that just purchasing Replacement Program Key Files does not apply to additional program copies, each additional program will require a new key file to activate the additional copy.

To install the new key file to re-activate your program you will need Administrators Rights to you PC. If you can’t install the key file follow the show me link below

How to install your new activation key file show me



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