Free Point Calculator

Free Point Calculator for Excel, is a Stuck Drill String calculator, and very easy, fast running program. OK not something you need every day but when you do instead of waiting for a third-party contractor to show up on the rig you have the answer in seconds just with a few inputs Select Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight and Drill collars add in the Over Pull, Pipe Stretch and get the point between surface and MD where your string in stuck,

Free Point Calculator will calculate the free point for any depth from MD to surface. User selectable units, API or Metric.

The usual problem is differential sticking due to a higher pressure in the bore hole compared to a lower formation pressure. This causes the drilling string (Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, BHA) to be forced against the wall cake. The wall cake or filter cake is deposited across low permeable zones causing the filter cake to build up, By reducing the hole pressure, by circulation chemicals or simply diesel oil to the stuck point,which reduces the hole hydrostatic pressure is often the easiest way to get unstuck.

Easily find where your drill string is stuck

Using up to

  • 4 sections of Drill Pipe
  • 3 sections of Heavy Weight
  • 3 sections of Drill Collars

You have the option to select API or Metric units

You can download a free trial of this handy program from this link