Drive By Mud Engineer

The Drive By Mud Engineer allows up to three drive by rigs, We an add more if required

The three separate drive by mud checks are independent to each other and function exactly the same as the stand alone Mud Engineer programs with all the following functions

A complete Drive By Mud Engineer program fast and easy to use Metric and API units all report options allow direct report export to well files and emailing daily mud reports to the clients or head office.

Report selection options call up a detailed daily mud report for  OBM,  WBM or Completion Fluid report a simplified API style report can be selected which includes the mud inventory on the same report. The fully detail report can be printed along with a separate detailed mud inventory including receipts,  transfer, daily usage and daily balance and daily mud cost. The inventory allows a maximum of  33 different mud products.

The user can edit any of the pre-entered Mud Chemicals to match on location products

All the products entered are linked to the Report, Recaps and Inventories  and end of well summary charts

Email and exportable reports

  • Recaps
  • Mud Checks
  • Properties
  • Comments remarks recap
  • Daily usage
  • Mud database
  • Transfers database
  • Receipts database

Auto select Drill Pipe, HWDP and Drill Collars for detailed hole geometry up to 3 pumps can be utilized and swapped between duplex and triplex pump outputs

All report printouts are handled from a central print station, (no need to swap between worksheets to printout a report)

On the fully detailed report the option to select HTHP filtrate options for

  • Filtrate HTHP 200 (cp/30 mins
  • Filtrate HTHP 250 (cp/30 mins
  • Filtrate HTHP 300 (cp/30 mins
  • Solids for Oil Based Mud
  • Unweighted Water Based Mud
  • Weighted Water Based Mud

The software covers everything a mud engineer needs to successfully monitor drilling fluid conditions throughout the well. and leave mixing instructions for the rig crew,

Download a trial copy