DrillPro Drilling hydraulics and reporting

DrillPro Drilling hydraulics and reporting

DrillPro, Drilling hydraulics and reporting Consists of a complete hydraulic and reporting program, Nozzle Selection. System Pressure Loss. Swab Surge Pressures Drill String. Surge and Maximum Casing Running Speed. Directional drilling and charting Well Control, kill sheet, Kill mud and kill graph. Capacities, Displacements. Annular Velocities. Flow characteristics (Turbulent-Laminar) Critical flow rates.  Bit Record Database Calculates for up to 4 Mud pumps 12 jets for PDC bits. Results for Casing or Casing & liners. Hydraulics report, Morning Report Printout Land and Offshore format Printout kill graph. Maximum Allowable Casing Speed for US API/Metric/Canadian Units.  Built in casing tally. Daily costs, Mud Chemicals inventory.  User can decide on multiple input output units.

DrillPro is a complete menu driven reporting program with back ground database for bit records, integrated into a  morning drilling report

Alsio available for DrillPro are add in Apps to complete the program

The latest version now allows manual inputs for MD and TVD on the Daily Drilling Report

The add in DrillPro apps cover the following applications

  • DP BHA Design
  • DP Flange Reference
  • DP Tubular Database
  • DP  Balanced Cement Plugs
  • DP Daily Drilling Costs
  • DP Free Point
  • DP Mud Inventory and daily cost

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