Drilling Engineer 64 bit

Drilling Engineer 64 bit consists of a suite of programs to sit on your desktop. A set of handy programs consisting of

  • Bi-Axial Casing Design
  • Well Path
  • BHA Design
  • Tubular Database
  • Tubing Movement
  • Flange Reference
  • Packer Calculations

Well Path can be integrated with Casing Design. Well Path tracks the actual drilled trajectory this can then be exported and imported into Casing Design.

Tubular Database includes, weight grades sizes tensile strengths and burst data on over 2700 tubing and casing joints.

The electronic Flange Reference program covers flanges from 30 inch to 1 13/16 inch a simple button click converts all the sizes to metric.

Packer Calculations calculates all the forces above and below a packer with or without EOT plugged

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