Preventative Maintenance Schedule

PM Schedule

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PM-Schedule allows you to set up a maintenance schedule for each piece of rig equipment.

This includes reference to all rig equipment, serial numbers, model numbers, asset numbers.

Once you have set up your PM Schedule you can audit any particular month and make a quick look instead of scrolling around a worksheet looking for what is scheduled for any month. The program allows you to clear the completed maintenance items without removing the planned yearly Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

The program is aligned to the Rig Maintenance program from Drillingsoftware. All the equipment listed in the PM Schedule is related to the rig equipment check lists in the Rig Maintenance program.

We will customize your program complete with your company logo


Check out this customized PM Schedule training video View it on Youtube from this link

Check out this customized PM Schedule training video 


Rig Maintenance

Rig Maintenance. Your clients need to know that you are running a well-maintained operation with good equipment maintenance and records

Rig Maintenance Flow chart

Rig Maintenance is a fully editable system for Drilling Rigs.  Land or Offshore

Over 200 different checklists which can be edited by the user.

The maintenance program is a complete system covering rig and camp equipment

Rig Maintenance is a fully editable system for Drilling Rigs.  Land or Offshore

Toolpushers Toolbox 64 Bit
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Camp
  • Kitchen
  • Accommodation
  • Work Orders

Rig Maintenance.
This includes a quick reference section to all the

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklists

Everything you do is saved to background running databases

  • Repairs Needed,
  • Repairs Overdue,
  • Completed Repairs

These cover, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 6 Monthly Checks.
We can customize any extra lists you require

If an item is checked and needs repairs this is saved to

Repairs Due Database the item stays there for reference until the repair is completed,

Repairs Overdue Database If an item is not completed due to rig moves waiting on parts etc the item is reference in the

Repairs Overdue Database The Item stays there as reference until completed.
Completed Maintenance Database Once the repair is competed the item is moved to the Completed Maintenance Database is the complete history of repairs carried out on the rig and this is the one that the client will want to see to verify the rig maintenance is up to date.

The Completed Maintenance Database Holds over 300 rows of maintenance records once full you can

  •  Email it
  • Export it into any format such as xls, PDF, etc
  • Print it

The Completed Maintenance Database is the important record of good maintenance that your client wants to see.

We can customize any part of the program for you and include your company logo on each of the checklists if required,

Editing Checklists

To edit or add additional checks to any of the checklists n Rig Maintenance, editing is done in the edit section and linked to the checklist. You can add to or edit any checklist in the editor.

Whatever you add or edit will show up in the equipment checklist

The Work Order

The Work Order is linked to a Rig Equipment list which can be called up to add or edit Makes, Models, Serial Numbers, Asset Numbers etc.

Any listed piece of equipment can automatically be called up and linked to the Work Order.
You can select 1 to 4 different pieces of equipment to include in your Work Order.

We recommend that you save the Work Over to a handover folder for the relief maintenance crew.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

If you have installed the PM Schedule all the rig equipment listed details will be linked in the Schedule which can be edited to reference any equipment due for scheduled checks as Daily, Weekly, Monthly Due or Completed maintenance

Engine hours can be entered as metered hours or 24 hours  Metered engine hours video
Set up the recommended service hours in the editor. Add the recommended service hours for each piece of equipment This section is linked to the monthly hours and the service hours. A visual warning shows if any equipment has exceeded the recommended hours At the end of the month the month hours are transferred to the monthly service hours which lists the total running hours for the month any equipment over service hours is indicated in RED Click on the cell to indicate the service has been carried out to zero the hours and start a new month’s running hours.

Including extras worksheets which can be linked to company information

  • OEM,
  • Recommended lubricants sheet

Drillingsoftware Rig Maintenance is a Complete Rig Maintenance system for Drilling Rigs.

Windows 10 users click here for Video details MP4

Windows 7 users click here for Video details WMV

 Prices include a $1000 discount per additional copy

Electric Submersible Pump Completions
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Workover Rig Maintenance

Workover Rig Maintenance Download the Training Video

Example Check lists details (PDF FILE)

Workover Rig Maintenance  (mp4)

A complete Workover Rig Maintenance program for Excel

Considering the number of Workover Rigs off contract and stacked it is now highly important that contractors have their equipment in ready to go on contract condition. Major oil companies and operating companies will require a history of good Rig Maintenance.

This Workover Rig Maintenance program consist of a complete maintenance schedule for all the equipment listed below. Any item listed on any of the check list worksheets can be changed and edited to suite any Workover Rig and any piece of equipment. It also covers Diesel Haulers and Water Haulers if you own your own trucks. Any item can be removed or changed to suite your Workover Rig and equipment.

The program consists of 55 check lists, we can customize the program with your company logo before shipping

  • Carrier
  • Mast
  • Main Control Console
  • Air Compressor
  • Diesel Tank
  • Water Tank
  • Mud Tank
  • Mud Pump
  • Crane
  • Forklift
  • Drill Pipe
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Personnel Protection Equipment
  • Job Risk Analysis

The program keeps a complete record of all maintenance carried out

An introduction to the new Workover Rig maintenance program.

Workover Rig Maintenance  (Windows Steaming)

Rig Equipment Analysis

Rig Equipment Analysis

Rig Equipment Analysis.

Rig Equipment Analysis program keeps track of all Rig spares and usage. Equipment running conditions. Including tracking general pump spares used along with oils and filters, Serial and Asset Numbers, Running Hours, Lub Oils added, Coolant Levels Temperatures, Air and oil operating pressures Generator outputs, Volts, Amps, Kw. Noise, Vibrations, Over Heating, Leaks etc. Rig Equipment Analysis stores all the data in accessible background running data bases.

Rig Maintenance

Records the usage of;

  • Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Coolants
  • Inhibitors
  • Lubrication Oils
  • Torque Oils
  • Mud Pump spares
  • All rope Soap and Dope items
  • All the equipment temperatures fuel pressures and more
  • Leaks,  vibrations, generation tracking and analysis

As you enter the data on a daily basis, the charts give you a visual indication of any equipment using an excessive amount of oils or spares also theft of spare parts

The results can be checked and verified against your rig inventory


  • 6 Rig Engines
  • 5 Rig Generators
  • 3 Mud Pumps
  • 2 Camp Generators

Rig Floor

  • Drawworks
  • Rotary Table
  • Rotary Chain
  • Swivel/Top Drive

Rig Vehicles

  • Tool pusher Vehicle Running Condition fuel, air and Oil filters
  • Crew Vehicle Running Condition fuel, air and Oil filters

Heavy Equipment

  • Crane
  • Front End Loader
  • Bulldozer
  • Forklift

Rope Soap and Dope items

Up to 25 items can be recorded or edited

Each entry is saved to printable background running databases

The databases can be exported to the rig files for future analysis,  can be printed or emailed directly to the office

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