Drilling Engineer
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Drilling Engineer – Planning to Casing Design

Drilling Engineer consists of a suite of programs to make designing a well from planned trajectory to completed casing design in a few minutes.

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A set of handy programs from designing a new well trajectory to Tri-Axial Casing Design the suite of programs are at a 50% discount consisting of:

  • Well Plan
  • Tri-Axial Casing Design

Well Plan includes ready to use well bore input data sheets for

  • Vertical
  • Slant
  • Horizontal
  • S-Curve and custom trajectories

Well Plan is also set up to include

  • Onshore
  • Shallow
  • Water Offshore
  • Deep Water Well Designs

The Drilling Engineer suite of programs will sit on your desk top making it easy to swap between the two programs

Well Plan survey data consists of both the planned trajectory and the actual drilled trajectory so the the engineer can select either of the surveys to integrate with the Casing Design program.

Well Plan is a complete Geological targeting program allowing up to 4 geological targets, you can review the details here

The Casing Design program includes a database of over 4100 different tubular specifications to select from, review more details here

Well Plan

Casing Design

Take a look at these programs or try them out from these links

Well Plan Trial

Casing Design Trial

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Drilling Consultant Suite

Drilling Consultant suite of programs consists or every day handy programs  ready to run, no need to search around for different operational drilling programs everything in one place. The whole suite of programs include Drilling and Workover software for every day drilling and workover operations, including a full Daily Drilling report for onshore and offshore operations with built in daily cost.

A discounted suite of programs for Drilling Consultants and Rig Supervisors

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Casing Design temp chart
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Tri-Axial Casing Design


Tri-Axial Casing Design is a completely new version of casing design covering both Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial calculations for bending, collapse and tension stress changes based in the maximum dog leg severity between Well Head and Casing Shoe. Including the option to look up the maximum DLS between any selected depths MD 1 to MD 2. The program picks the maximum DLS between the user inputs.

Tri-Axial Casing Design is linked to Well Trajectory and Azimuth Closure

The program includes a database of over  4138 different joints of casing to choose from (plus the option to add custom Csg Specs)
Unlimited custom casing sizes can be added to the database with user defined casing design specifications

When you set up your design the Tri-Axial design program allows up to 4 different weights grades per section or in the case of Liner installation allows cemented in place casing and a Liner section with 3 different casing specs or 3 tapered Liners.
The program links to a full Directional and Azimuth Closure function which can be imported or input manually.

Triaxial casing design Criteria includes, Land, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Offshore casing design

  • New Cementing Safety Factors and Linear Temperatures at Lead and Tail cement tops plus Design Loads
  • 100% mud evacuation for producing condition
  • 0% – 100% evacuation selectable for all design conditions
  • Drilling Condition
  • Producing Condition
  • Completely flexible with Feet or Meters for TVD and MTD
  • Option of using °F or °C for both Linear and Custom Temperature inputs
  • Safety Factor at Mud Gas interface at evacuation point
  • Mud Gas Interface indicated on all charts and reports
  • Quick view chart viewer for De-Rated Tensile results
  • Quick view chart viewer for directional trajectory
  • The finalized casing design reports can be emailed directly to the client
  • The casing design program includes the option to export your design to a local well file
  •  Casing design Calculations;
  • For De-rated Collapse Load Collapse curve due to axial loading
  • Temperature De-rated Burst and Collapse safety factors calculated
  • All safety factors calculated taking old mud or salt water behind casing into consideration.

How to import a saved survey

Well Plan trajectory can be imported into triaxial casing design

Download a free trial of Tri-Axial Casing Design