Drilling Engineer
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Drilling Engineer – Planning to Casing Design

Drilling Engineer consists of a suite of programs to make designing a well from planned trajectory to completed casing design in a few minutes.

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A set of handy programs from designing a new well trajectory to Tri-Axial Casing Design the suite of programs are at a 50% discount consisting of:

  • Well Plan
  • Tri-Axial Casing Design

Well Plan includes ready to use well bore input data sheets for

  • Vertical
  • Slant
  • Horizontal
  • S-Curve and custom trajectories

Well Plan is also set up to include

  • Onshore
  • Shallow
  • Water Offshore
  • Deep Water Well Designs

The Drilling Engineer suite of programs will sit on your desk top making it easy to swap between the two programs

Well Plan survey data consists of both the planned trajectory and the actual drilled trajectory so the the engineer can select either of the surveys to integrate with the Casing Design program.

Well Plan is a complete Geological targeting program allowing up to 4 geological targets, you can review the details here

The Casing Design program includes a database of over 4100 different tubular specifications to select from, review more details here

Well Plan

Casing Design

Take a look at these programs or try them out from these links

Well Plan Trial

Casing Design Trial

HDD Trenchless Technology Solutions

HDD Plan for Trenchless Technology Solutions is a new innovated HDD program for multiple projects.

  • Trenchless Technology
  • River Crossings,
  • Hydro Power water courses,
  • Metro Tunneling,
  • Tunneling under Airport Runways
  • Mining
  • City utility tunneling
  • Water Course Galleries
  • Civil Engineering,

with a few inputs the software develops all the charting for Azimuth, Tangents, Turns and Bends and Dog Legs.

  • Tool Face Calculations
  • Effective Tool Face
  • Project to bit
  • Project ahead

The program provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned Borehole is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual Boreholes.

HDD Planning

The Minimum Curvature Method is used to calculate 3 dimentional Boreholes based upon X,Y,Z  displacements for each section.  The XYZ coordinates for this program equate to East-West (X), North-South (Y) and True Vertical Depth (Z).  The user can input the length of each section either by measured depth (MD) length or true vertical depth (TVD) length.  With Inclination and Azimuth inputs, the end point of each section is defined and the resulting Borehole is calculated with surveys generated at the User selected survey intervals up to 1000 surveys, on the Planned Survey sheet.

Geological Targets

HDD Trenchless Technology Solutions calculations, provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned trajectory is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual trajectories.


Charts of the Vertical Section view, Plan view and Dog Leg Severity (DLS) view are provided along with the trajectory parameters for each section such as section length, bend rate, turn rate, DLS, etc.  The Planned and Actual surveys and Charts can be printed as needed.

HDD ToolFace Plan for Hydraulic Directional Drilling projects. Is a user-friendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements of the HDD (Hydraulic Directional Drilling), industry to plan drilling trajectories starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple Tangent and Curve (Bend) sections.  Applications for this program include civil engineering projects such as drilling under a river, road, airport runway, etc., to install utility shafts, drilling subway tunnels under cities, drilling hydro-electric water course tunnels, drilling mine shafts, etc.  The program provides for five (5) contigious Tangent and/or Bend, Turn sections which suffices for most applications.


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Drilling Consultant Suite

Drilling Consultant suite of programs consists or every day handy programs  ready to run, no need to search around for different operational drilling programs everything in one place. The whole suite of programs include Drilling and Workover software for every day drilling and workover operations, including a full Daily Drilling report for onshore and offshore operations with built in daily cost.

A discounted suite of programs for Drilling Consultants and Rig Supervisors

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Well Plan
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Well Plan

Well Plan

Well Plan  is based on the  minimum curvature method to design a precise and smooth well bore trajectory through multiple targets is quickly and easily accomplished using this program.

Planning well bore  trajectory utilises and comparing Planned vs Drilled trajectories The Minimum Curvature method is used to calculate 3-dimensional displacements of the well bore according to “end-point” inputs supplied by the user. Minimum Curvature is widely accepted by the oil industry to be the most accurate mathematical analysis for directional surveys as opposed to previous, less rigorous methods such as Least Squares, Tangential, Average Angle and Radius of Curvature.

The program allows you to design a directional trajectory for any well profile or import a trajectory;

  • Vertical,
  • Slant
  • Horizontal
  • S-Curve
  • Custom

The following data is calculated with a minimum of end point entries;

  • Target Data is included for up to four targets.
  • KOP & Build Rate (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOB depth
  • Tangent depth or Lateral Section length
  • Drop Section and Turn Rates  (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOD depth
  • Closure distance and azimuth

Charts presentations;

  • Vertical section view with lateral displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Plan view (N/-S, E/-W) displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Dog Leg Severity (DLS) vs measured depth (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)

The Well Plan and drilling trajectory  auto calculates the Planned trajectory with visual targets.

Actual directional surveys can be input as the well is drilled.

Each planned trajectory is compared with the actual drilled trajectory.

You have the option of importing a planned and actual surveys (MD, Inclination, Azimuth),

Planned, Drilled or Custom trajectories can be exported for use in other programs.

This program will be integrated with the latest version of Casing Design.

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BHA Design including BHA Reference and GraphicBHADesign
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BHA Design including BHA Reference and Graphic

BHA Design including BHA Reference and graphic
Complete analysis for bottom hole assembly design (BHA Design).

The program allows up to 4 sections of Drill Pipe, four sections of HWDP, and four sections of drill Collars

For Horizontal Wells. The position of drill string can be changed to suite all well designs (all DCs or all HWDP)

The program consists of a graphic design and all the critcal properties of your BHA
Hi-resolution graphics can be used to build a professional BHS Design graphic
First use the  Input BHA Data  button and enter your complete Drilling String including the ancillary bottom hole assembly tools and equipment.
You can select all the critical senarios in the BHA input section, As listed below.

Once you have entered all the BHA tools you are using these become avaiable when you build your Graphic.

In the graphic design sheet click on a cell in the string column
and select the Drill Pipe Heavey Weight Drill Collars or the tools you have listed

Consists of 13 critical BHA Design reports.

Download a free trial copy of this program

BHAweb video

  • • Jar Triggering Load
    • BHA Properties
    • Wall Force
    • Torsional Dampening
    • Torque
    • Torsional Buckling
    • Available Weight
    • Critical BHA Speed
    • Critical DP Speed
    • Drill Pipe Fatigue
    • Max Over Pull

Including String Harmonics

Free Point Calculator 64 Bit
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Free Point Caculator

Stuck Drill String calculation

Free point calculator for Excel

Calculate the free point for any depth from MD to surface.. User selectable units API or Metric

Using up to

  • 4 sections of Drill Pipe
  • 3 sections of Heavy Weight
  • 3 sections of Drill Collars

You have the option to select API or Metric units

Packer Calculations 32 Bit
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Packer Calculations

Oilwell Packer calculations

The Packer Calculation program will help you avoid having a packer unset during testing or squeezing operations.
The program also includes tubing movement calculations and a field estimate production rate calculator along with BHT chart
The program covers both compression and tension packers also maximum allowable swabbing depth for upstrain packers. Since the forces are related to several differing factors you you have the option of selecting the type of flow, whether there is no flow, mud/brine in the tubing, gas or oil flow. Then select the type of packer upstrain (tension) or set down (compression). This data is used in the forces applied to a pkr calculations.

The program will warn you if fores applied to the packer from above or below will force the packer to unset. 

Tubing movement
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Tubing Movement

Tubing Movement Calculations

The Tubing Movement program is included in the Workover Office Pro version.
This separate version is just for quick reference for those that don’t need all the multiple functions of Workover Office Pro
This includes all tubing movement calculations. This program is included in the Packer Calculations software.
Length Changes due to
Temperature effect
Plus a basic estimated BHT chart

Casing Design temp chart
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Tri-Axial Casing Design


Tri-Axial Casing Design is a completely new version of casing design covering both Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial calculations for bending, collapse and tension stress changes based in the maximum dog leg severity between Well Head and Casing Shoe. Including the option to look up the maximum DLS between any selected depths MD 1 to MD 2. The program picks the maximum DLS between the user inputs.

Tri-Axial Casing Design is linked to Well Trajectory and Azimuth Closure

The program includes a database of over  4138 different joints of casing to choose from (plus the option to add custom Csg Specs)
Unlimited custom casing sizes can be added to the database with user defined casing design specifications

When you set up your design the Tri-Axial design program allows up to 4 different weights grades per section or in the case of Liner installation allows cemented in place casing and a Liner section with 3 different casing specs or 3 tapered Liners.
The program links to a full Directional and Azimuth Closure function which can be imported or input manually.

Triaxial casing design Criteria includes, Land, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Offshore casing design

  • New Cementing Safety Factors and Linear Temperatures at Lead and Tail cement tops plus Design Loads
  • 100% mud evacuation for producing condition
  • 0% – 100% evacuation selectable for all design conditions
  • Drilling Condition
  • Producing Condition
  • Completely flexible with Feet or Meters for TVD and MTD
  • Option of using °F or °C for both Linear and Custom Temperature inputs
  • Safety Factor at Mud Gas interface at evacuation point
  • Mud Gas Interface indicated on all charts and reports
  • Quick view chart viewer for De-Rated Tensile results
  • Quick view chart viewer for directional trajectory
  • The finalized casing design reports can be emailed directly to the client
  • The casing design program includes the option to export your design to a local well file
  •  Casing design Calculations;
  • For De-rated Collapse Load Collapse curve due to axial loading
  • Temperature De-rated Burst and Collapse safety factors calculated
  • All safety factors calculated taking old mud or salt water behind casing into consideration.

How to import a saved survey

Well Plan trajectory can be imported into triaxial casing design

Download a free trial of Tri-Axial Casing Design

tank volumes and flow rates
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Tank Volumes including Flow Rates

Tank Volumes including Flow Rates

Tank Volumes including Flow Rates for Round Tanks, Square Tanks, Vertical Tanks, Round Horizontal Tanks and tank straps

This tank volume and flow rate program gives you volumes and flow rates in various units of measure , partial volumes, tank strap charts for Round Vertical tanks, Square tanks and Horizontal Round tanks. Plus Flow Rates into any size tank or vessel from a coffee cup, dope bucket to a million Bbl tank

Printable Tank Strap Charts can be selected to give you both API and Metric options Chart selection

  • Bbls/Inch,
  • Bbls/Foot,
  • M³/Mtr,
  • M³/Cm,
  • Liters/cm

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Tubular Database 32 Bit
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Tubular Database

The Tubular Database give you reference to over 4100 different joints of pipe,Tubular database includes oil well casing and tubing specifications from 48″to 1.05″

Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding weight on hook annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft for cementing calculations. Tubular Database also includes a casing Pressure Test function which allows you to run a casing pressure test after cementing is completed with a visual indicating and pressure drop. chart

Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding Weight on Hook, Burst, Collapse, Drift Size, Weak Member. Annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft and a casing pressure test chart

4127 different tubular specifications in the database.

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Balanced Cement Plugs 64 Bit
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Balanced Cement Plugs

Balanced Cement Plugs, Oilwell balanced cement plugs P & A plugs

  • Displacements
  • Buffer fluid ahead of cement slurry
  • Planned volume of cement slurry
  • Buffer fluid behind the cement slurry
  • Actual slurry volume pumped
  • Cement tops
  • Pipe in cement height
  • Pipe out cement height
  • Planned slurry volumes vs Actual slurry volumes

This is can be used as an add in for DrillPro

Includes Water or Flushing chemicals ahead and behind plug calculations, pipe in cement top pipe out cement top, and since no cement job is 100% accurate the program produces both calculated and actual cement tops based on the slurry  volumes pumped, Output graphic is printable and can be selected in either API and Metric units.

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Oilwell flanges
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Oil Well Flange Reference

Oil well Flange Reference

Still got one of those worn out, hard to read cardboard slide rules….

The Electronic Flange Slide Rule replaces the old Cameron cardboard slide rule.

Oil well flange reference lookup speeds up a simple button click you have more than double the information on;

  • Flanges
  • Spools
  • Hubs
  • Ring Gaskets.

The program covers both API sizes and Metric sizes

Use the spinner buttons to find out;

  • Which ring gasket fits which flange
  • All the rig gasket sizes
  • API and RX
  • What wrench size is needed
  • Bold circle diameter
  • Number of bolt holes
  • Bolt Make up torque
  • Which hub needs which ring gasket
  • Which clamp fits which hub

All the information on Flanges, Spools, Hubs and Ring Gaskets you will ever need.

From  30″ 2000 psi to 1-13/16″ 10,000 psi or equivalent metric sizes

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