Casing Tally and Database

Casing Tally and Database is more than just a simple spread sheet

Casing Tally now includes a reverse casing tally for running pulled casing.

  • API or Metric
  • Choose up to 4 different casing sections
  • Auto calculates swapped joints
  • OD, ID  Grade, Capacity, Displacement, Drift size
  • displacement Mud Filled
  • Displacement floating
  • Onshore, Offshore application
  • allows the installation of up to 5 Diverter valves (DV collars)
  • Calculates shoe and float collar MD
  • Calculates stickup
  • Calculates which joints to install centralisers on
  • Hook Load in air
  • Hook Load buoyed weight

You can also add in your cementing equipment and select onshore or offshore casing installation. The program also includes selected depths for centralisers and printable API style tally sheets. The program allows you to select up to 4 different casing specs from a database of 4132 different joints. Or if required a tapered string.

You can export the tally to a rig file for future reference or email the completed tally to head office

Casing Tally can be incorporated with DrillPro