Tri-Axial Casing Design

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Casing Tally

Tri-Axial Working Stress Design (WSD)

True Vertical Depths are linked to Vertical or Directional Well Geometry

On Shore, Shallow Water Offshore and Deep Water Offshore calculations

Mining and Mineral Exploration

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mineral mining

Mineral Exploration

Main Bore hole

Plus 4 side Tracks

Preview or edit trajectories

Tubular Database

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Tubular Database

Includes a database of 4138 different joints of Casing and Tubing

The database includes pipe sizes from 48" to 1.05"

Includes a casing pressure test complete with visual chart to give a quick visual indication of any casing leaks

Drive By Mud Engineer

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Drive by mud engineer

Specially for Drive By engineers

Covers up to three drive by rigs

Fully functioning Mud reporting

Your Logo added to reports is free

HDD Plan

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Trenchless Technology Solutions

HDD Planning

Side walk drillers

River crossings


HDD Trenchless Technology Solutions

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Slant Rig, River Crossings, Trenchless Technology

Hydro Power Water Courses

Mining, Boring Under City Streets

Civil Engineering Projects, Tunnelling

Tool Face Calcs, Effective Tool Face, Project to bit, Project ahead

Pipe Tally

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tubing Tally

Not just another simple tally spreadsheet

Tubing Tally is complete with BHA add in, KB Correction

Includes a well bore completion schematic to produce professional well completion sketches

Well Bore Schematic

Both Metric and API units

Well Plan 4

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Well Plan

Well Plan For Vertical, Slant, Horizontal, S-Curve Wells

Planned Trajectory vs Actual Drilled Trajectory

Minimum Curvature for KOP, Turn Rate and Drop

Export Survey data for Casing Design

Allows up to 4 Side Tracks

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

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Preventative Maintenance Schedule

PM Schedule allows you to set up a maintenance schedule

This includes reference to all rig equipment

The program is linked to the Rig Maintenance program from Drillingsoftware.

We will customized your program complete with your company logo

Click on Read More to view the video

Rig Equipment Analysis

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Rig Equipment Analysis

The program keeps track of all Rig spares

Equipment running conditions. Serial and Asset Numbers

Running Hours, Lub Oils added, Coolant Levels Temperatures,

BHA Design

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BHA Design including BHA Reference and GraphicBHADesign

A complete analysis for bottom hole assembly design (BHA Design)

Torque and Harmonics

A graphic design and all the critical properties of your BHA

Excel based Daily Drilling Report

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Daily Drilling Report 32 Bit

Daily Drilling Report covers all daily drilling costs, hydraulics results

Full reporting for mud data, mud logging data, formation data, bit record database

Onshore and Offshore data

Latest version has the option to select multiple API or Metric units

Rig Maintenance

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Toolpushers Toolbox 64 Bit

Rig Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling for Drilling & Workover rig

View the video on this fully integrated program email equipment checks to Head Office

Mud Inventory

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Mud Inventory 64 Bit

The program will keep track all the mud materials, receipts and transfers

The program saves all the data in a background running database

Balanced Cement Plugs

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Balanced Cement Plugs 64 Bit

Volumetric calculations for Water or Flushing chemicals ahead and behind the cement plug

Both the calculated and actual cement tops based on the volumes pumped

Instant height of pipe in and pipe out

Well Control

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Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations

All the standard industry well control methods. Drillers method, Wait and weight, Stripping in, Concurrent method, Volumetric method

Choke and Kill Line friction pressure. BOP closing times and accumulator volumes

Virtical or horizontal, Onshore Offshore

DrillPro the complete drilling software program

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Drilling software

Program includes everything you would expect from a decent drilling program

Directional Drilling and Well Control

Tubing Movement and Stress Calculations

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Tubing movement

Calculates all the API tubing movement parameters

Elongation and expansion due to temperature effect, Stretch - Ballooning - Buckling - Piston effect - BHT chart

Force calculations, Length change calculations

Rod Pump Completions

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Rod Pump Completions

This version is specifically designed for Rod Pump Completions

The program has an extensive library of Hi-resolution graphics

A completion schematic template to build a professional well sketch

ESP Completions

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Electric Submersible Pump Completions

The program is designed for both the man in the field and \workover office coordinator

Registers the depth of each piece of down hole equipment

Serial Numbers, Pump Ratings, completion depth of motors manufacturers data on all pump units

Free Point Calculator

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Free Point Calculator 64 Bit

Up to 4 sections of Drill Pipe

Up to 3 sections of Heavy Weight

Up to3 sections of Drill Collars

Maximum Over pull at weakest point API or Metric

Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing

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Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing

Calculate the required position in the tubing string where the GLM should be placed

Option to select tubing measured and picked up or tubing stood back in the derrick.

The program handles up to 20 GLMs

API and Metric units

Workover Office

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Workover Office includes 1000 completion graphics and callculations

Includes Over 2000 Hi-Resolution Tools and Graphics to use in your well bore schematic

This is the first and most comprehensive Workover office program in the oil patch

One click select a tool and drops it into your well bore schematic plus much more

Wellhead Graphic

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Well Head Graphic

Build a hi-resolution graphic of any land based well head design

Flanges, chokes, valves, tubing spools, casing spools, Braden Head, crosses and much more can be selected from the well head library

Packer Calculations

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Packer Calculations 32 Bit

Avoid having a packer un setting during testing or squeezing operations

Select compression or tension packers along with different flow environments

All the pressures exerted against a packer from below and above due to flowing pressures, hydrostatic and mechanical pressures are calculated

Well Head Flanges for Xtree Design

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Well Head Flanges 32 Bit

The Electronic Flange Slide Rule replaces the old Cameron cardboard slide rule

Well Head Flanges, drilling spools, braden head, flange sizes, pressure rating, number of bolts and make up torque, Ring Gasket number

Casing Tally

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Casing Tally 64 Bit

Select up to 4 different pipe sizes from a built in database

Includes a data base of over 2700 different joints of oil well casing

Centralizer Spacing graphic

Ton Miles Calculator

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Ton Miles Calculator 32 Bit

Includes; wiper trip, round trip, Cored, Drilled and calculations for horizontal and extended reach wells

Calculated ton miles for drag though horizontal wells also ton miles for short trips

The program is designed with many safety factor options plus drilling line cost per foot analysis

Tank Volumes and Flow Rates

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Tank Volumes Flow Rates Calculator 32 Bit

Volumes and flow rates, partial volumes, tank strap charts

Round Vertical tanks, Square tanks and Horizontal Round tanks

Any size tank or vessel from a coffee cup, dope bucket to a million Bbl tank

Mud Engineer

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Mud Engineer 32 Bit

Mud Engineer can produce an API style report for OBM or WBM in a few minutes.

The mud chemicals inventory is built in, daily cost and recaps, receipts and transfers