Casing Tally

Casing Tally is identical to the 64 bit version but you need to check which version you need. This version has the option to select up to 4 different pipe sizes from a built in database, with a simple click you can select, weight, grade ,size s for up to 4 different sizes for your tally you can also opt to select sizes for a tapered string. you also can use the option to use either metric or API units for inputs.
Casing Tally 32 Bit includes a data base of over 2700 different joints of oil well casing so that the weights and volumes are automatically calculated for you. Once the weight and grade is selected the ID and Drift size is auto filled in for you. Standard oil field tally sheets are automatically filled in for you.
Casing Tally 32 Bit includes centralizer spacing is included so that your report includes the depths of the installed centralizers. You also have the option to swap joints around in the tally.
You can use the option in the casing tally program to  space out up to 5 different cementing stage collars add in centralizer depths + plus a lot more.

The Casing Tally program is also part of DrillPro

Check which version  of Excel you have installed

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