Balanced Cement Plugs

Balanced Cement Plugs 32 Bit is identical to the 64 Bit version but you need to check on the link below to find out which version you need. In this version of Balanced Cement Plugs 32 Bit,  the program includes volumetric calculations for  Water or Flushing chemicals ahead and behind the cement plug, pipe in cement top and pipe out of cement top, as all calculated as soon as you enter the cement volume. you get instant height of pipe in and pipe out, which is an ideal program for making sure your cement top covers the casing leak of top perforation. The program is also ideal for plug and abandon cement jobs.  Since no cement job is 100% accurate the program produces both the  calculated and actual cement tops based on the volumes pumped, Output is in both API and Metric units (user selectable)


Balanced Cement Plugs 32 Bit gives you the option to select volumes and displacements in the following units as

  • Ft³
  • Meters
  • Feet

The other inputs in the Balanced Cement Plugs 32 Bit as as follows

  • Casing ID
  • Tubing ID
  • Tubing OD
  • Tubing Weight
  • End Of Tubing
  • Top Perforation
  • Bottom Perforation
  • Plug Back TD
  • No: Sacks used
  • Yield Volume/sx cu ft or M³
  • Water Ahead Water behind
  • Actual Slurry used


The Balanced Cement plugs program is part of the Workover |Office suite of programs

Check which version  of Excel you need 32 BIt or 64 bit

Also available as an add in for DrillPro