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HDD Plan is a user-friendly Borehole design interface for the unique requirements of the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), industry to plan drilling boreholes starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple Tangent and Curve (Bend) sections.  Applications for this program include civil engineering projects such as drilling under a river, road, airport runway, etc., to install utility shafts, drilling subway tunnels under cities, drilling hydro-electric water course tunnels, drilling mine shafts, etc.  The program provides for five (5) contigious Tangent and/or Bend, Turn sections which suffices for most applications

View the video for a typical River Crossing

Well Plan

Well Plan

Well Plan (can be integrated with Casing Design)

A complete Planning and  Directional Drilling program. Stating at the geological Targets More Details

Planned trajectory vs Actual Drilled trajectory. View the Video

S-Curve Plot
S-Curve Plot


  • Vertical Well Profile,
  • Slant Well Profile,
  • Horizontal Well Profile
  • S-Curve Well Profile
  • Custom Profile
  • The next version will include Tri-Axial Casing Design

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The complete Flange Reference Program


Flange Reference replacing the old cardboard slide rule. Select API or Metric dimensions, you can select any size from 30″ 2M to 1-13/16 10M all the data is available , Wrench size, Makeup Torque, Ring Size, Ring Gasket rating, R, RX, BX etc. Lookup which ring gasket fits which flange, including hub sizes clamps and ring sizes

Bi-Axial Casing Design

Casing Design

The Casing Design program includes a database of over  4138 different joints of casing to choose from (plus the option to add custom Csg Specs)
Unlimited custom casing sizes can be added to the database with user defined casing design specifications
When you set up your bi-axial design the program allows up to 4 different weights grades per section in the design.
The program links to a full Directional and Azimuth Closure function which can be imported or input manually.