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How to build a complete Well Design from Planned Trajectory to Completed Casing Design CLICK HERE

Casing Design now includes a new summary function you can add your casing section to the summary as you build your design.

Tri-Axial Casing Design features both Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial calculations

Bi-Axial calculations are based on the working stress throughout the casing string.

Tri-Axial calculations are based on the maximum Dog Leg Severity from Well Head to Casing Shoe, The user also has the option to select any measured point between two measured depths which will indicate the maximum DLS between the two depths

HDD Planing for River Crossings. Hydro Water Course, urban utilities bore holes and tunneling

Well Plan

Well Plan

Well Plan (can be integrated with Casing Design)

A complete Planning and  Directional Drilling program. Stating at the geological Targets More Details

Planned trajectory vs Actual Drilled trajectory. View the Video

S-Curve Plot
S-Curve Plot


  • Vertical Well Profile,
  • Slant Well Profile,
  • Horizontal Well Profile
  • S-Curve Well Profile
  • Custom Profile
  • The next version will include Tri-Axial Casing Design

Well Plan 

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The complete Flange Reference Program


Flange Reference replacing the old cardboard slide rule. Select API or Metric dimensions, you can select any size from 30″ 2M to 1-13/16 10M all the data is available , Wrench size, Makeup Torque, Ring Size, Ring Gasket rating, R, RX, BX etc. Lookup which ring gasket fits which flange, including hub sizes clamps and ring sizes

Well Control

Well Control is free with DrillPro buy DrillPro and get Well Control Free

Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations
Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations