Well Plan Preview

Preview the Well Plan program

To get started, the user chooses a surface location (Onshore, Shallow Offshore or DeepWater), and inputs surface data, well information and the intended vertical section azimuth (typically the target azimuth).

The next step is to input target data (TVD’s, +N –S, +E –W) distances for up to four targets.  Target tables compared to both the Planned and Actual trajectories are available throughout the program to assist with “tweaking” the well trajectories for more accurate target interception.

The next step is to select a generic well profile that best fits the well trajectory desired to drill thru the target intervals.  The four most used well profiles (Vertical, Slant, Horizontal and S-Curve), are available or the user can build a Custom profile.  The simplest profile consists of one Vertical section.  The Slant and Horizontal profiles have three sections consisting of the top vertical section, build section and tangent or lateral section.  The S-Curve profile adds a drop and final tangent section to the Slant profile.

The user can quickly develop a trajectory with a minimum amount of “end-point” inputs for each well section (TVD depths, inclinations and azimuths). Dog leg severity (DLS), build or drop and turn rates are instantly calculated and displayed for the user to consider and in turn adjust inputs to achieve an optimal profile to maximize target interceptions and minimize well tortuosity which in turn minimizes drilling and production problems.

If one of the four generic profiles cannot be suitably adapted, a Custom well profile can be generated “the old fashioned way” by inputting individual directional surveys to fit the desired well profile.   The program generates plots of the Targets, Actual and Planned trajectories in the traditional Plan View, Vertical Section View and DLS presentations.  Directional surveys and plots can easily be saved, retrieved, edited and saved again.  For additional help with Well Plan, please contact mailto:support@drillingsoftware.com