Well Path 32 Bit

Well Path 32 Bit, Is a directional drilling program along with a planned well path trajectory. The program allows you to design a new directional well path.

The TVD is auto calculated along with direction well path trajectory. You have the option of importing a survey for the Directional Drilled Section, this is compared to the planned well path trajectory. The data from Well Path can also be exported and used to import data to the Casing Design program saving a lot of manual inputs. The program compares the actual directional drilled well to the planned well path.

Well Path 32 Bit. Basic inputs included

  • Starting survey point
  • Survey intervals
  • Units in mtrs or ft
  • KOP
  • EOB
  • Azimuth
  • Final MD

From the above data the well path chart is generated in the background there is no need to insert charts and waste a lot of time doing it.

With Well Path 32 Bit. You can also import the Directional Drilling data

  • Import a saved survey
  • Select a Well Profile
  • Onshore,
  • Shallow Offshore,
  • Deep Water Offshore

A visual report is automatically updated showing,

Planned and Drilled trajectories, Charts consisting of

  • Vertical View – Lateral Displacement
  • DLS (100 ft) DLS (30 mts) depending on the well profile units selected
  • Plan View  E/-W, S/-E

If you have the full Casing Design program installed you can call up  the casing design program from within the Well Path program and continue to create your full casing design.

Checkout the Quick view video

How to import Directional drilling data

Check which version  of Excel you need 32 BIt or 64 bit