Well Plan

Well Plan is a fully integrated Directional Drilling Program

Well Plan allows you to design a new directional well path trajectory for;

  • Vertical, Slant, Horizontal,S-Curve, Custom Well Profile

Complete Directional Drilling software

  • KOP
  • EOB
  • Build Section
  • EOB
  • Tangent or Lateral Section
  • Drop Section and Turn Rates
  • Closure Azimuth
  • Onshore, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Offshore
  •  A complete fully Customisable program

The Charts auto calculate the Planned trajectory.  Actual Trajectory can be input as the well is drilled. Each chart plot can be compared with the actual drilled trajectory.

You have the option of importing a survey for the Actual Directional Drilled Section, this is compared to the planned well  trajectory and shown visualy in the charts. The report is conveniently shown against the chart plots.

Planned, Drilled or Custom trajectories can be exported for use in other programs

Charts consisting of

  • Vertical View – Lateral Displacement
  • Plan View N/-S E/_W
  • DLS (100 ft) DLS (30 mts) depending on the well profile units selected

The program is fully integrated with Casing Design. If you have the full Casing Design program installed the program will auto update the Casing Design Survey Data, you can also call up the casing design program from within Well Plan.

The planned trajectory data is integrated with  Casing Design Download a Free Trial

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