Workover Office

Oilwell completion schematics

Workover Office Professional edition is a complete integrated system for the workover consultant or the workover office. For Office 2007 & 2010

The new version now covers both API and Metric units of measure

  • Vertical Well completion schematic
  • Rod Pump Well completion schematic
  • Horizontal Well completion schematic
  • Balanced Cement Plugs
  • Flange Reference
  • Frac Manifold schematic
  • Packer un-setting forces and calculations
  • Tubing Movement Calculations
  • Xtree Schematic
  • GLM Spacing

Any of the 1000+ hi-resolution completion tools can be rotated to any angle for a professional hi-impact well sketch

Apart from the 17 most common well completions, plus Cement Plugs, Xtree schematic, Liners, Tie Backs, Packer Calculations, Field Testing Production Rates, Tubing Movement Calculations, Rod Pump Completions, Operator Report, 20 item GLM spacing, operators report and field reports plus Final Well Completion Report.

There is an extended library of over 1000 hi-resolution workover and completion graphics completely automated on button clicks instead of drag and drop to give you a first class professional finish to your Wellbore schematics. Your final well report can be exported to your well file with a simple click as a single linked Excel worksheet, or emailed directly to the client

NEW Frac Manifold iron library added to the program, complete with straights, 90° bends, tees, valves, pressure shut down valves, the complete package for a professional graphic output

Links to view some of the 100+ tools and equipment available in Workover Office
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