Tubing movement
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Tubing Movement MS Office 32 Bit

Tubing Movement Calculations

The Tubing Movement program is included in the Workover Office Pro version.
This separate version is just for quick reference for those that don’t need all the multiple functions of Workover Office Pro
This includes all tubing movement calculations. This program is included in the Packer Calculations software.
Length Changes due to
Temperature effect
Plus a basic estimated BHT chart

Drilling software
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The Drilling software program DrillPro

Consists of a  complete hydraulic and reporting program, Nozzle Selection. System Pressure Loss. Swab Surge Pressures Drill String. Surge and Maximum Casing Running Speed . Directional drilling and charting Well Control, kill sheet, Kill mud and kill graph. Capacities, Displacements. Annular Velocities. Flow characteristics (Turbulent-Laminar) Critical flow rates.  Bit Record Database Calculates for up to 4 Mud pumps 12 jets for PDC bits. Results for Casing or Casing & liners. Hydraulics report, Morning Report Printout Land and Offshore format Printout kill graph. Maximum Allowable Casing Speed For US API/Metric/Canadian Units.  Built in casing tally. Daily costs, Mud Chemicals inventory.  User can decide on multiple input output units.

A complete menu driven reporting program with back ground databas for bit records, integrated into a  morning drilling report

Alsio available for DrillProAvailable add in Apps to complete the program

The latest version now allows manual inputs for MD and TVD on the Daily Drilling Report

  • DP BHA Design
  • DP Flange Reference
  • DP Tubular Database
  • DP  Balanced Cement Plugs
  • DP Daily Drilling Costs
  • DP Free Point
  • DP Mud Inventory and daily cost
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Casing Design MS Office 32 Bit

Casing Design for Excel

Select the 64 Bit version from the Categories on the right

A completely new concept for bi-axial casing design

Casing Design is linked to Well Trajectory and Azimuth Closure
The new program is 90% smaller 100% faster to use
Casing Design includes a database of over  4138 different joints of casing to choose from (plus the option to add custom Csg Specs)
This also allows the input of unlimited custom casing sizes to be added to the database with user defined casing design specifications
When you set up your casing design the program allows up to 4 different weights grades per section in the design
The Casing Design program links to a full Directional and Azimuth Closure function which can be imported or input manually.

Design Criteria includes, Land, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Offshore casing design

  • New Cementing Safety Factors and Linear Temperatures at Lead and Tail cement tops plus Design Loads
  • 100% mud evacuation for producing condition
  • 0% – 100% evacuation selectable for all design conditions
  • Drilling Condition
  • Producing Condition
  • Completely flexible with Feet or Meters for TVD and MTD
  • Option of using °F or °C for both Linear and Custom Temperature inputs
  • Safety Factor at Mud Gas interface at evacuation point
  • Mud Gas Interface indicated on all charts and reports
  • Quick view chart viewer for De-Rated Tensile results
  • Quick view chart viewer for directional trajectory
  • The finalized casing design reports can be emailed directly to the client
  • The casing design program includes the option to export your design to a local well file
  •  Casing design Calculations;
  • For De-rated Collapse Load Collapse curve due to axial loading
  • Temperature De-rated Burst and Collapse safety factors calculated
  • All safety factors calculated taking old mud or salt water behind casing into consideration.

Program details (steaming video)
Download the video
Download the User Manual (PDF)
How to import a saved survey
Program Overview 
Liner Design

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Tank Volumes MS Office 32 Bit

Round tanks, square tanks, vertical tanks, round horizontal tanks and tank straps

This program gives you volumes and flow rates, partial volumes, tank strap charts for Round Vertical tanks, Square tanks and Horizontal Round tanks. Plus Flow Rates into any size tank or vessel from a coffee cup, dope bucket to a million Bbl tank Printable Tank Strap Charts can be selected to give you both API and Metric options Chart selection

  • Bbls/Inch,
  • Bbls/Foot,
  • M³/Mtr,
  • M³/Cm,
  • Liters/cm
Mud Engineer Windows 7&8 64 Bit
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Mud Engineer 32 Bit

Mud Engineering software

A complete menu driven program fast and easy to use Metric and API units all programs allow direct report export and email

It not only prints out a complete API specification mud report for OBM, Completion Fluid or WBM with an inventory of 33 different mud products.

The user can edit any of the pre entered Mud Chemicals to suite any companies products

All the products entered are linked to the Report, Recaps and Inventories  and end of well summary charts

All report printouts are handled from a central print station, (no need to swap between worksheets to printout a report)

Solids analysis for weighted and un weighted drilling  fluids

Everything the mud engineer needs to successfully monitor drilling fluids condition throughout the well.

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Xtree Schematic MS Office 32 Bit

OiL Well head schematic

A complete system for building a land based Well Head with a library of hi-resolution Drilling Spools, Flanges, Valves and Chokes, simply click on a component and drag it into place on your Well Head Sketch.

Options to Print or Export the Graphic to your well file for future reference

Tubular Database 32 Bit
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Tubular Database MS Office 32 Bit

The Tubular Database give you reference to over 4100 different joints of pipe

The Tubular Database includes all pipe sizes and grades from 48 inch down to 1.05 inch tubulars.The database includes pipe sizes from 48″ to 1.05″Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding weight on hook annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft for cementing calculationsThere is also a casing Pressure Test function which allows you to run a casing pressure test after cementing is completed with visual chart

Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding Weight on Hook, Burst, Collapse, Drift Size, Weak Member. Annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft and a casing pressure test chart

4127 different tubulars in the DataBase

Simple to use drop down selections for just about every type of casing and tubing