HDD Plan

HDD Plan calculations is a new innovated HDD program for multiple projects.

  • Trenchless Technology
  • River Crossings,
  • Hydro Power water courses,
  • Metro Tunneling,
  • Tunneling under Airport Runways
  • Mining
  • City utility tunneling
  • Water Course Galleries
  • Civil Engineering,

with a few inputs the software develops all the charting for Azimuth, Tangents, Turns and Bends and Dog Legs.

  • Tool Face Calculations
  • Effective Tool Face
  • Project to bit
  • Project ahead

The program provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned Borehole is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual Boreholes.

HDD Planning

The Minimum Curvature Method is used to calculate 3 dimentional Boreholes based upon X,Y,Z  displacements for each section.  The XYZ coordinates for this program equate to East-West (X), North-South (Y) and True Vertical Depth (Z).  The user can input the length of each section either by measured depth (MD) length or true vertical depth (TVD) length.  With Inclination and Azimuth inputs, the end point of each section is defined and the resulting Borehole is calculated with surveys generated at the User selected survey intervals up to 1000 surveys, on the Planned Survey sheet.

Geological Targets

HDD ToolFace Plan projects, provides for up to five (5), Targets based upon true vertical depths (TVD’s), and (+E –W), (+N –S), distances from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing), surface location which is the datum (zero point), for all other measurements.  Typically, Targets are determined by project constraints and then the Planned trajectory is designed to pass thru or near the Targets.  The program also provides for input of Actual Surveys so actual drilling progress can quickly and easily be compared to the Planned Surveys and the Targets.  Target closure distances and azimuths are compared to the closest point on both Planned and Actual trajectories.


Charts of the Vertical Section view, Plan view and Dog Leg Severity (DLS) view are provided along with the trajectory parameters for each section such as section length, bend rate, turn rate, DLS, etc.  The Planned and Actual surveys and Charts can be printed as needed.

HDD ToolFace Plan for Hydraulic Directional Drilling projects. Is a user-friendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements of the HDD (Hydraulic Directional Drilling), industry to plan drilling trajectories starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple Tangent and Curve (Bend) sections.  Applications for this program include civil engineering projects such as drilling under a river, road, airport runway, etc., to install utility shafts, drilling subway tunnels under cities, drilling hydro-electric water course tunnels, drilling mine shafts, etc.  The program provides for five (5) contigious Tangent and/or Bend, Turn sections which suffices for most applications.


Daily Drilling Report 32 Bit
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Daily Drilling Report

Daily Drilling Report. Fast and  efficient

  • Reporting system
  • Hydraulics
  • Bit record
  • Mud data
  • Formation data
  • Directional Survey
  • Mud parameters
  • Onshore Offshore Application
  • Full API style Daily Drilling Report Email directly to the Office
  • BOP Drills
  • People on Board

Daily Drilling Report, is very simple to use but very comprehensive, the Daily Drilling Report  covers all daily drilling hydraulics and full reporting for mud data, formation data, bit record, supervision, for Onshore,Shallow Water Offshore and Deep Water reporting, for offshore rigs the report includes anchor tensions, weather report, people on board. Once the report is completed it can be emailed from within the program and also exported and saved to a local rig file.


Tubing Tally 64 Bit
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Tubing Tally

Tubing Tally, Pipe Tally

Tubing Tally includes Well Bore Schematic for both Vertical and Horizontal wells. Not just a simple tally spreadsheet this Tubing Tally, Tubing Tally  is complete with BHA add in for Workovers, Hi-Resolution final well reports and well drawing for both vertical and horizontal completions with a vertical and horizontal tool library.

You won’t find a Tubing Tally Sheet with,  well bore graphic and completion tools.

Tbg Size, ID, Ppf, Connection, Grade, Drift size is auto filled in for you from the database.

You have the option of including the KB correction for accurate packer placement and leak isolation.

As you enter the tubing lengths they are auto filled in along with the BHA depths in standard oilfield tally sheets, Print Export, Email the tally sheets

Well Plan
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Well Plan

Well Plan

Well Plan  is based on the  minimum curvature method to design a precise and smooth well bore trajectory through multiple targets is quickly and easily accomplished using this program.

Planning well bore  trajectory utilises and comparing Planned vs Drilled trajectories The Minimum Curvature method is used to calculate 3-dimensional displacements of the well bore according to “end-point” inputs supplied by the user. Minimum Curvature is widely accepted by the oil industry to be the most accurate mathematical analysis for directional surveys as opposed to previous, less rigorous methods such as Least Squares, Tangential, Average Angle and Radius of Curvature.

The program allows you to design a directional trajectory for any well profile or import a trajectory;

  • Vertical,
  • Slant
  • Horizontal
  • S-Curve
  • Custom

The following data is calculated with a minimum of end point entries;

  • Target Data is included for up to four targets.
  • KOP & Build Rate (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOB depth
  • Tangent depth or Lateral Section length
  • Drop Section and Turn Rates  (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)
  • EOD depth
  • Closure distance and azimuth

Charts presentations;

  • Vertical section view with lateral displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Plan view (N/-S, E/-W) displacement vs true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Dog Leg Severity (DLS) vs measured depth (°/100Ft,  °/30Mtrs)

The Well Plan and drilling trajectory  auto calculates the Planned trajectory with visual targets.

Actual directional surveys can be input as the well is drilled.

Each planned trajectory is compared with the actual drilled trajectory.

You have the option of importing a planned and actual surveys (MD, Inclination, Azimuth),

Planned, Drilled or Custom trajectories can be exported for use in other programs.

This program will be integrated with the latest version of Casing Design.

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View the video

BHA Design including BHA Reference and GraphicBHADesign
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BHA Design including BHA Reference and Graphic

BHA Design including BHA Reference and graphic
Complete analysis for bottom hole assembly design (BHA Design).

The program allows up to 4 sections of Drill Pipe, four sections of HWDP, and four sections of drill Collars

For Horizontal Wells. The position of drill string can be changed to suite all well designs (all DCs or all HWDP)

The program consists of a graphic design and all the critcal properties of your BHA
Hi-resolution graphics can be used to build a professional BHS Design graphic
First use the  Input BHA Data  button and enter your complete Drilling String including the ancillary bottom hole assembly tools and equipment.
You can select all the critical senarios in the BHA input section, As listed below.

Once you have entered all the BHA tools you are using these become avaiable when you build your Graphic.

In the graphic design sheet click on a cell in the string column
and select the Drill Pipe Heavey Weight Drill Collars or the tools you have listed

Consists of 13 critical BHA Design reports.

Download a free trial copy of this program

BHAweb video

  • • Jar Triggering Load
    • BHA Properties
    • Wall Force
    • Torsional Dampening
    • Torque
    • Torsional Buckling
    • Available Weight
    • Critical BHA Speed
    • Critical DP Speed
    • Drill Pipe Fatigue
    • Max Over Pull

Including String Harmonics

Casing Tally
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Casing Tally and Database

Casing Tally and Database is more than just a simple spread sheet

Casing Tally now includes a reverse casing tally for running pulled casing.

  • API or Metric
  • Choose up to 4 different casing sections
  • Auto calculates swapped joints
  • OD,ID Grade,Capacity,displacement,Drift size
  • displacement Mud Filled
  • Displacement floating
  • Onshore,Offshore application
  • allows the installation of up to 5 Diverter valves (DV collars)
  • Calculates shoe and float collar MD
  • Calculates stickup
  • Calculates which joints to install centralisers on
  • Hook Load in air
  • Hook Load buoyed weight

You can also add in your cementing equipment and select onshore or offshore casing installation. The program also includes selected depths for centralisers and printable API style tally sheets. The program allows you to select up to 4 different casing specs from a database of  4132 different joints. Or if required a tapered string.

You can export the tally to a rig file for future reference or email the completed tally to head office

Casing Tally can be incorporated with DrillPro

Preventative Maintenance Schedule
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PM Schedule

PM-Schedule allows you to set up a maintenance schedule for each piece of rig equipment.

This includes reference to all rig equipment, serial numbers, model numbers, asset numbers.

Once you have set up your PM Schedule you can audit any particular month and make a quick look instead of scrolling around a worksheet looking for what is scheduled for any month. The program allows you to clear the completed maintenance items without removing the planned yearly Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

The program is aligned to the Rig Maintenance program from Drillingsoftware. All the equipment listed in the PM Schedule is related to the rig equipment check lists in the Rig Maintenance program.

We will customize your program complete with your company logo

Check out this customised PM Schedule training video download it from this link

Replacement Program Key file
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Replacement Program Key Files

Run this program to generate your computer ID Download

Replacement program key files are required to re-activate your software if you experience a crash or reinstall the operating system. these are also related to the annual license fee for the various programs. If a program is out of date and no longer supported a new version can be downloaded which will require a new license file.

Changing or updating your operating system or upgrading to newer versions of windows will usually require a new license file to reactivate the software. On this page you can purchase Additional Program Key Files to re-activate  the programs you own.

To re-active  copies of the registered programs  purchase the Replacement Program Key Files  that apply to your program . Licenses are now renewable on an annual basis this entitles you to free upgrades and additional add ins if applicable.

Select the program license from the list then select the number of licenses you require.

Programs are not transferable without a new key file. If major updates are available the purchased license key will give you the option to download the latest program program version, if and when they become available.

If you require additional copies of your registered program let us know and we will send you a coupon code to purchase additional copies at a 50% discount, Please note that just purchasing Replacement Program Key Files does not apply to additional program copies, each additional program will require a new key file to activate the additional copy.

To install the new key file to re-activate your program you will need Administrators Rights to you PC. If you can’t install the key file follow the show me link below

How to install your new activation key file show me



Rod Pump Completions
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Rod Pump Completions graphic

Rod Pump Completions graphic
This is the separate Rod Pump Completion program for rig supervisors that don’t need the full features in the Workover Office Professional version
You still have all the volumetric well bore calculations for isolating casing leaks along with cement plug, pipe in pipe out, calculations for plug backs and squeezes

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Mud Inventory

Mud Materials inventory Track all the mud materials on your location Complete database of mud materials

  • Daily Usage
  • Daily Mud Cost
  • Mud Received
  • Mud Transferred out
  • Edit the Chemical names, Starting inventory Sacks or Bulk materials
  • Fast and Easy to use
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Rig Maintenance

Rig Maintenance

Fully editable system for Drilling Rigs.  Land or Offshore

Over 200 different checklists which can be edited by the user ,

Rig Maintenance is a complete system covering

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Camp
  • Kitchen
  • Accommodation
  • Work Orders


Rig Maintenance.
This includes a quick reference section to all the

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklists

Everything you do is saved to background running databases

  • Repairs Needed,
  • Repairs Overdue,
  • Completed Repairs

These cover, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 6 Monthly Checks.
We can customize any extra lists you require

If an item is checked and needs repairs this is saved to

Repairs Due Database the item stays there for reference until the repair is completed,

Repairs Over Due Database If an item is not completed due to rig moves waiting on parts etc the item is reference in the

Repairs Over Due Database The Item stays there as reference until completed.
Completed Maintenance Database Once the repair is competed the item is moved to the Completed Maintenance Database  is the complete history of repairs carried out on the rig and this is the one that the client will want to see to verify the rig maintenance is up to date.

The Completed Maintenance Database Holds over 300 rows of maintenance records once full you can

  •  Email it
  • Export it into any format such as xls, PDF, etc
  • Print it

The Completed Maintenance Database is the important record of good maintenance that your client wants to see. Once you have saved and exported the data you can clear the old data and start a fresh

We can customize any part of the program for you  and include your company logo on each of the checklists if required,

Editing Checklists

To edit or add additional checks to any of the checklists editing is done in the edit section and linked to the checklist. You can add to or edit any checklist in the editor.

Whatever you add or edit will show up in the equipment checklist

The Work Order

The Work Order is linked to a Rig Equipment list which can be called up to add or edit Makes, Models, Serial Numbers, Asset Numbers etc.

Any listed piece of equipment can automatically be called up and linked to the Work Order.
You can you can select 1 to 4 different pieces of equipment to include in your Work Order.

We recommend that you save the Work Over to a handover folder for the relief maintenance crew.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling Windows 10 MP4 Video  .  Windows 7 WMV video

If you have installed the PM Schedule all the rig equipment listed details will be linked in the Schedule which can be edited to reference any equipment due for scheduled checks as Daily, Weekly, Monthly Due or Completed maintenance

Engine hours can be entered as metered hours or 24 hours  Metered engine hours video
Set up the recommended service hours in the editor.Add the recommended service hours for each piece of equipmentThis section is linked to the monthly hours and the service hoursA visual warning shows if any equipment has exceeded the recommended hours At the end of the month the month hours are transferred to the monthly service hours which lists the total running hours for the month any equipment over service hours is indicated in RED Click on the cell to indicate the service has been carried out to zero the hours and start a new month’s running hours.

Including extras worksheets which can be linked to company information

  • OEM,
  • Recommended lubricants sheet

Drillingsoftware Rig Maintenance is a  Complete Rig Maintenance system for Drilling Rigs.

Windows 10 users click here for Video details MP4

Windows 7 users click here for Video details WMV



Free Point Calculator 64 Bit
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Free Point Caculator

Stuck Drill String calculation

Free point calculator for Excel

Calculate the free point for any depth from MD to surface.. User selectable units API or Metric

Using up to

  • 4 sections of Drill Pipe
  • 3 sections of Heavy Weight
  • 3 sections of Drill Collars

You have the option to select API or Metric units


Workover-Office-completion-graphics-and-calculations is a complete integrated system for the workover consultant or the workover office.

Workover Office graphics and calculations now cover both API and Metric units of measure

  • Vertical Well completion schematic
  • Rod Pump Well completion schematic
  • Directional Well completion schematic
  • Balanced Cement Plugs
  • Flange Reference
  • Frac Manifold schematic
  • Packer un-setting forces and calculations
  • Tubing Movement Calculations
  • Xtree Schematic
  • GLM Spacing

Any of the 1000+ hi-resolution completion tools can be rotated to any angle for a professional hi-impact well sketch

Workover-Office-completion-graphics-and-calculations includes an easy start with 17 of the most common well completions, plus Cement Plugs, Xtree schematic, Liners, Tie Backs, Packer Calculations, Field Testing Production Rates, Tubing Movement Calculations, Rod Pump Completions, Operator Report, 20 item GLM spacing, operators report and field reports plus Final Well Completion Report.

Workover-Office-completion-graphics-and-calculations includes an extended library of over 1000 hi-resolution workover and completion graphics completely automated on button clicks instead of drag and drop to give you a first class professional finish to your Wellbore schematics. Your final well report can be exported to your well file with a simple click as a single linked Excel worksheet, or emailed directly to the client

Workover-Office-completion-graphics-and-calculations,  now includes the layout for a  Frac Manifold iron library added to the program, complete with straights, 90° bends, tees, valves, pressure shut down valves, the complete package for a professional graphic output

Links to view some of the 100+ tools and equipment available in Workover Office
Windows Media
iPhone video

Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing
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GLM Spacing

Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing

Easy to use Gas Lift Mandrel Spacing program (The latest version now includes API and Metric units)
Simply update the tubing tally,

Enter the required depths of each mandrel.
The program works out which joint or stand of tubing to install the Gas Lift Mandrels
Also with the option of tubing racked back in the derrick or new tubing picked up from the pipe racks.
The program handles the placement of  up to 20 GLMs

Packer Calculations 32 Bit
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Packer Calculations

Oilwell Packer calculations

The Packer Calculation program will help you avoid having a packer unset during testing or squeezing operations.
The program also includes tubing movement calculations and a field estimate production rate calculator along with BHT chart
The program covers both compression and tension packers also maximum allowable swabbing depth for upstrain packers. Since the forces are related to several differing factors you you have the option of selecting the type of flow, whether there is no flow, mud/brine in the tubing, gas or oil flow. Then select the type of packer upstrain (tension) or set down (compression). This data is used in the forces applied to a pkr calculations.

The program will warn you if fores applied to the packer from above or below will force the packer to unset. 

Electric Submersible Pump Completions
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  •  x 
  •  x 
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Workover Rig Maintenance

Workover Rig Maintenance Download the Training Video

Example Check lists details (PDF FILE)

Workover Rig Maintenance  (mp4)

A complete Workover Rig Maintenance program for Excel

Considering the number of Workover Rigs off contract and stacked it is now highly important that contractors have their equipment in ready to go on contract condition. Major oil companies and operating companies will require a history of  good Rig Maintenance.

This Workover Rig Maintenance program consist of a complete maintenance schedule for all the equipment listed below. Any item listed on any of the check list worksheets can be changed and edited to suite any Workover Rig and any piece of equipment. It also covers Diesel Haulers and Water Haulers if you own your own trucks. Any item can be removed or changed to suite your Workover Rig and equipment.

The program consists of 55 check lists, We can customize the program with your company logo before shipping

  • Carrier
  • Mast
  • Main Control Console
  • Air Compressor
  • Diesel Tank
  • Water Tank
  • Mud Tank
  • Mud Pump
  • Crane
  • Fork Lift
  • Drill Pipe
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Personnel Protection Equipment
  • Job Risk Analysis

The program keeps a complete record of all maintenance carried out

An introduction to the new Workover Rig maintenance program.

Workover Rig Maintenance  (Windows Steaming)


Rod Pump Completions
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Rod Pump Completions

Rod Pump completions
This is the separate Rod Pump Completion program for rig supervisors that don’t need the full features in the Workover Office Professional version

You still have all the volumetric well bore calculations for isolating casing leaks along with cement plug, pipe in pipe out, calculations for plug backs and squeezes

Tubing movement
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Tubing Movement

Tubing Movement Calculations

The Tubing Movement program is included in the Workover Office Pro version.
This separate version is just for quick reference for those that don’t need all the multiple functions of Workover Office Pro
This includes all tubing movement calculations. This program is included in the Packer Calculations software.
Length Changes due to
Temperature effect
Plus a basic estimated BHT chart

Drilling software
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DrillPro Drilling hydraulics and reporting

DrillPro Drilling hydraulics and reporting

DrillPro, Drilling hydraulics and reporting Consists of a  complete hydraulic and reporting program, Nozzle Selection. System Pressure Loss. Swab Surge Pressures Drill String. Surge and Maximum Casing Running Speed . Directional drilling and charting Well Control, kill sheet, Kill mud and kill graph. Capacities, Displacements. Annular Velocities. Flow characteristics (Turbulent-Laminar) Critical flow rates.  Bit Record Database Calculates for up to 4 Mud pumps 12 jets for PDC bits. Results for Casing or Casing & liners. Hydraulics report, Morning Report Printout Land and Offshore format Printout kill graph. Maximum Allowable Casing Speed For US API/Metric/Canadian Units.  Built in casing tally. Daily costs, Mud Chemicals inventory.  User can decide on multiple input output units.

DrillPro is a  complete menu driven reporting program with back ground database for bit records, integrated into a  morning drilling report

Alsio available for DrillPro are add in Apps to complete the program

The latest version now allows manual inputs for MD and TVD on the Daily Drilling Report

The add in DrillPro apps cover the following applications

  • DP BHA Design
  • DP Flange Reference
  • DP Tubular Database
  • DP  Balanced Cement Plugs
  • DP Daily Drilling Costs
  • DP Free Point
  • DP Mud Inventory and daily cost

Download a free trial

Casing Design temp chart
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Tri-Axial Casing Design


Tri-Axial Casing Design is a completely new version of casing design covering both Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial calculations for bending, collapse and tension stress changes based in the maximum dog leg severity between Well Head and Casing Shoe. Including the option to look up the maximum DLS between any selected depths MD 1 to MD 2. The program picks the maximum DLS between the user inputs.

Tri-Axial Casing Design is linked to Well Trajectory and Azimuth Closure

The program includes a database of over  4138 different joints of casing to choose from (plus the option to add custom Csg Specs)
Unlimited custom casing sizes can be added to the database with user defined casing design specifications

When you set up your design the Tri-Axial design program allows up to 4 different weights grades per section or in the case of Liner installation allows cemented in place casing and a Liner section with 3 different casing specs or 3 tapered Liners.
The program links to a full Directional and Azimuth Closure function which can be imported or input manually.

Triaxial casing design Criteria includes, Land, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Offshore casing design

  • New Cementing Safety Factors and Linear Temperatures at Lead and Tail cement tops plus Design Loads
  • 100% mud evacuation for producing condition
  • 0% – 100% evacuation selectable for all design conditions
  • Drilling Condition
  • Producing Condition
  • Completely flexible with Feet or Meters for TVD and MTD
  • Option of using °F or °C for both Linear and Custom Temperature inputs
  • Safety Factor at Mud Gas interface at evacuation point
  • Mud Gas Interface indicated on all charts and reports
  • Quick view chart viewer for De-Rated Tensile results
  • Quick view chart viewer for directional trajectory
  • The finalized casing design reports can be emailed directly to the client
  • The casing design program includes the option to export your design to a local well file
  •  Casing design Calculations;
  • For De-rated Collapse Load Collapse curve due to axial loading
  • Temperature De-rated Burst and Collapse safety factors calculated
  • All safety factors calculated taking old mud or salt water behind casing into consideration.

How to import a saved survey

Well Plan trajectory can be imported into triaxial casing design

Download a free trial of Tri-Axial Casing Design

tank volumes and flow rates
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Tank Volumes including Flow Rates

Tank Volumes including Flow Rates

Tank Volumes including Flow Rates for Round Tanks, Square Tanks, Vertical Tanks, Round Horizontal Tanks and tank straps

This tank volume and flow rate program gives you volumes and flow rates in various units of measure , partial volumes, tank strap charts for Round Vertical tanks, Square tanks and Horizontal Round tanks. Plus Flow Rates into any size tank or vessel from a coffee cup, dope bucket to a million Bbl tank

Printable Tank Strap Charts can be selected to give you both API and Metric options Chart selection

  • Bbls/Inch,
  • Bbls/Foot,
  • M³/Mtr,
  • M³/Cm,
  • Liters/cm

Download a free trial

Mud Engineer
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Mud Engineer

Mud Engineering is a complete menu driven program fast and easy to use Metric and API units all report options allow direct report export to well files and emailing daily mud reports to the clients or head office.

report slection options call up a detailed daily mud report for  OBM,  WBM or Completion Fluid report a simplified API style report can be selected which includes the mud inventory on the same report. The fully detail report can be printed along with a separate detailed mud inventory including receipts,  transfer, daily usage and daily balance and daily mud cost. The inventory aallows a maximum of  33 different mud products.

The user can edit any of the pre entered Mud Chemicals to suite on location products

All the products entered are linked to the Report, Recaps and Inventories  and end of well summary charts

Email and exporatible reports

  • Recaps
  • Mud Checks
  • Properties
  • Comments remarks recap
  • Daily usage
  • Mud database
  • Transfers database
  • Receipts database

Auto select Drill Pipe, HWDP and Drill Collars for detailed hole geometry up to 3 pumps can be utilised and swapped between duplex and triplex pump outputs

All report printouts are handled from a central print station, (no need to swap between worksheets to printout a report)


On the fully detailed report the option to select HTHP filtrate options for

  • Filtrate HTHP 200 (cp/30 mins
  • Filtrate HTHP 250 (cp/30 mins
  • Filtrate HTHP 300 (cp/30 mins
  • Solids for Oil Based Mud
  • Unweighted Water Based Mud
  • Weighted Water Based Mud

The software covers everything a mud engineer needs to successfully monitor drilling fluid conditions throughout the well. and leave mixing instructions for the rig crew,

Download a trial copy

xtree schematic
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Well Head Xtree Schematic

Well Head Xtree Schematic

The Well Head Xtree Schematic is a complete system for building a land based Well Head with a library of hi-resolution Drilling Spools, Flanges, Valves and Chokes, simply click on a component and drag it into place on your Well Head Sketch. The latest version includes a dual completion tubing spool

Options to Print or Export the Graphic to your well file for future reference and professional looking completion well bore report.

Download a free trial

Checkout the video

Tubular Database 32 Bit
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Tubular Database

The Tubular Database give you reference to over 4100 different joints of pipe,Tubular database includes oil well casing and tubing specifications from 48″to 1.05″

Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding weight on hook annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft for cementing calculations. Tubular Database also includes a casing Pressure Test function which allows you to run a casing pressure test after cementing is completed with a visual indicating and pressure drop. chart

Once the casing or tubing is selected you have full data regarding Weight on Hook, Burst, Collapse, Drift Size, Weak Member. Annular volumes and capacities in either Bbls or Cu/ft and a casing pressure test chart

4127 different tubular specifications in the database.

Download a free trial

Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations
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Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations

Well control calculations

This is the Dual Unit version for US API/Metric and Canadian units of measurement
For Land and Offshore. Vertical and Horizontal well control.
All the Industry standard Well Control methods.

  • Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations
    Drillers, Wait and weight, Stripping in, Concurrent method, Stripping In, Volumetric method
    Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations  covers a lot more, plus all the stuff you learned at BOP school.

    • On Shore
    • Shallow Water Offshore
    • Deep Water Offshore
    • Directional Well Profile
    • Vertical Well Profile
    • Leakoff/PIT/FIT chart
    • Option to change kill Pump
    • 2 Different Slow Circulation Rates
    • Kill Line Friction Pressure Loss for Deep Water BOP stack
    • Choke Line Friction Pressure Loss for Deep Water BOP stack
    • Riser Disconnect for Deep Water
    • Kill Line Friction Pressure Loss for Surface BOP stack
    • Choke Line Friction Pressure Loss for Surface BOP stack
    • Drill String Configuration for Vertical Wells
    • Drill String Configuration for Horizontal Wells
    • Kill Methods for
    • Concurrent
    • Volumetric
    • Stripping
    • Drillers Method
    • Wait and Weight

    Well Control Kick Sheet Calculations also includs Accumulator volumes and closing times calculations
    Built in Leak off test, selectable as PIT or FIT, Max allowable influx height, Trip Tank Monitor, Kick Tolerance, Pore pressure, Pressure changes, well bore pressure changes to to changes in pump strokes or mud wieght.
    API and Metric units. This version will be free with DrillPro

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Ton Miles Calculator for Drilling Rigs
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Ton Miles Calculator for Drilling Rigs

Ton Miles Calculator for Drilling Rigs
Ton Miles Calculator for Drilling Rigs, includes cutoff practice for rigs with no previous record.
Drilling Ton Miles. This is now available in a dual API and Metric unit version Drilling line cost analysis per ton mile. Total line cost. This program is in use with several international onshore and offshore operators, You can download a free trial of the Ton Miles Calculator from the free downloads section.
The new dual units ton Miles  program covers everything from;
  • Feet – Metres
  • ppf – Kg/m
  • Lbs – 1000lbs – Kg – Knewtons – Tonne – daN
  • ppg – s.g. – Kg/M³
  • Ton Miles
  • Ton Kilometres
  • daN Kilometres
Ton Miles Calculator Running Report
  • Drilling Line Cost per foot/metre analysis
  • Running Cost per Work Done (as in output above)
  • Accumulative Work Done (as in output above)
  • Accumulative cut off
  • Round Trip
  • Half Trip
  • Drilled
  • Cored
  • Running Casing
  • Wiper Trip
  • Horizontal Round Trip
  • Horizontal Half Trip
  • Horizontal Drilled
  • Running BOPs on Marine Riser

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Rig Equipment Analysis

Rig Equipment Analysis.

Rig Equipment Analysis program keeps track of all Rig spares and usage. Equipment running conditions. Including tracking general pump spares used along with oils and filters,  Serial and Asset Numbers, Running Hours, Lub Oils added, Coolant Levels Temperatures, Air and oil operating pressures Generator outputs, Volts, Amps,Kw. Noise, Vibrations, Over Heating, Leaks etc. Rig Equipment Analysis stores all the data in accessible background running data bases.

Rig Maintenace

Records the usage of;

  • Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Coolants
  • Inhibitors
  • Lubrication Oils
  • Torque Oils
  • Mud Pump spares
  • All rope Soap and Dope items
  • All the equipment temperatures fuel pressures and more
  • Leaks,  vibrations, generation tracking and analysis

As you enter the data on a daily basis, the charts give you a visual indication of any equipment using an excessive amount of oils or spares also theft of spare parts

The results can be checked and verified against your rig inventory


  • 6 Rig Engines
  • 5 Rig Generators
  • 3 Mud Pumps
  • 2 Camp Generators

Rig Floor

  • Drawworks
  • Rotary Table
  • Rotary Chain
  • Swivel/Top Drive

Rig Vehicles

  • Tool pusher Vehicle Running Condition fuel,air and Oil filters
  • Crew Vehicle Running Condition fuel,air and Oil filters

Heavy Equipment

  • Crane
  • Front End Loader
  • Bulldozer
  • Fork Lift

Rope Soap and Dope items

Up to 25 items can be recorded or edited

Each entry is saved to printable background running databases

The  databases can be exported to the rig files for future analysis,  can be printed or emailed directly to the office

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Balanced Cement Plugs 64 Bit
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Balanced Cement Plugs

Balanced Cement Plugs, Oilwell balanced cement plugs P & A plugs

  • Displacements
  • Buffer fluid ahead of cement slurry
  • Planned volume of cement slurry
  • Buffer fluid behind the cement slurry
  • Actual slurry volume pumped
  • Cement tops
  • Pipe in cement height
  • Pipe out cement height
  • Planned slurry volumes vs Actual slurry volumes

This is can be used as an add in for DrillPro

Includes Water or Flushing chemicals ahead and behind plug calculations, pipe in cement top pipe out cement top, and since no cement job is 100% accurate the program produces both calculated and actual cement tops based on the slurry  volumes pumped, Output graphic is printable and can be selected in either API and Metric units.

Download a free trial

Oilwell flanges
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Oil Well Flange Reference

Oil well Flange Reference

Still got one of those worn out, hard to read cardboard slide rules….

The Electronic Flange Slide Rule replaces the old Cameron cardboard slide rule.

Oil well flange reference lookup speeds up a simple button click you have more than double the information on;

  • Flanges
  • Spools
  • Hubs
  • Ring Gaskets.

The program covers both API sizes and Metric sizes

Use the spinner buttons to find out;

  • Which ring gasket fits which flange
  • All the rig gasket sizes
  • API and RX
  • What wrench size is needed
  • Bold circle diameter
  • Number of bolt holes
  • Bolt Make up torque
  • Which hub needs which ring gasket
  • Which clamp fits which hub

All the information on Flanges, Spools, Hubs and Ring Gaskets you will ever need.

From  30″ 2000 psi to 1-13/16″ 10,000 psi or equivalent metric sizes

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Electric Submersible Pump Completions
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Electric Submersible Pump Completions

Electric Submersible Pump Completions.

Electric Submersible Pump Completions, (ESP)
For both the man in the field and workover office coordinator keeping track of well files. The ESP completion report is a detailed report, complete with the production string, pump data and components. Once the basic well data header and well data is entered the report can be emailed to the client or head office. everything is is updated with a simple button click including a professional looking completion graphic.

The program includes a complete library of completion graphics for ESP completions. Tubing,casing, nipples, gas buster, protector, pump  using hi-resolution graphics for visual impact.

The output includes the detailed string and pump report plus the well bore schematic.

Print, Export, Email the pump data and tally sheets