Casing Design

Casing Design2 

The latest version now includes Design for Liner installation

Linked to Well Trajectory and Azimuth Closure

Vertical, Directional

On Shore, Off Shore, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water Off Shore . Feet or Meters, temp derating factors, cementing safety factors Burst, Collapse, Tension Safety Factors can be API  or user defined

• Working Stress Design (WSD), loads are evaluated throughout the entire length of casing from WH to shoe • True Vertical Depths are now fully linked to Vertical or Directional Well Geometry • Accurate TVD’s for accurate Burst, Collapse and Tensile load calculations •  Temperature de-rating factors calculated in to all casing string designs, latest version now includes liner design, User defined Custom Casing Specs.

This is the most flexible and user friendly program on the market.

4138 different joints of casing to choose from plus custom editable casing database this allows the input of  unlimited custom casing sizes to be added to the database.

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Liner Design

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  • De-Rated Burst and Collapse due to temperature affect vs.  Burst and Collapse loads (psi) at the top and bottom of up to 4 different rated casing sections
  • De-Rated Tensile Strength vs. Tensile Loads (lbs.) at the top and bottom of up to 4 different rated casing sections
  • Yield Strength De-Rating Factors vs. Temperature in °F & °C
  • Vertical Section View chart
  • Plan View chart
  • Dog Leg Severity (100’ or 30 Mtrs) chart
  • Export and Email reports

The program covers  On Shore, Shallow Water Offshore and Deep Water Offshore calculations

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