BHA Design 32 Bit

BHA Design 32 Bit is a complete analysis for bottom hole assembly design (BHA Design). The program allows up to 4 sections of Drill Pipe, four sections of HWDP, and four sections of drill Collars.  The position of drill string can be changed to suite all well designs (all DCs or all HWDP)

This program is identical to the 64 bit version please following the link below to find out which version you need

The program includes a graphic design and all the critical properties of your BHA.  Hi-resolution graphics can be used to build a professional Bottom Hole  Assembly Design graphic. First use the  Input BHA Data  button and enter your complete Drilling String You can select all the critical senarios in the BHA input section. In the graphic design sheet click on a cell in the string column and select the Drill Pipe Heavy Weight Drill Collars or the bottom hole tools you have input in the set up design stage.

Bottom Hole Assembly Design. Consists of 13 critical  reports.

  • Jar Triggering Load
  •  BHA Properties
  • • Wall Force
  • Torsional Dampening
  • Torque
  • Torsional Buckling
  • Available Weight Critical
  • BHA Speed
  •  Critical Drill Pipe Speed
  • Drill String Harmonics
  • Drill Pipe Fatigue
  •  Maximum Over Pull based on weakest section of the BHA or Drill Pipe
  • Torque and drag calculations are included in the program, weight loss due to deviated holes.


Check out the quick BHA Design   BHAweb video

Check which version  of Excel you need 32 Bit or 64 bit